RE: ARRSE homepage

Right....when I'm at work I get a little pink "DII" logo/button on the top left.....but when I'm at home on my laptop I don't see it. How come?
Probably because your browser supports ARRSE's format whereas some networks might not.
Ah, you see I thought of that. My work terminal is MoD, and therefore restricted somewhat in Java, flash etc......yet I can see it.

My laptop, which has no lockdowns can't. It's not an issue, and it doesn't make any difference to my ARRSE experience.....just a wondered why?
If I remember correctly, Good CO said 'something like' if your system is using IE 6 you will see the DII logo.

Something like that anyway :oops:
I am using IE6 at work, that's probably what it is then! Cheers.

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