Re: ARRSE and Rum Ration in the Evening Standard

I enlisted when tank was a rank!

In 1968, I was a medic in HK on a border patrol with the infantry, at the time of the riots (13 May 1968) during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. All 20 of us including 2 junior officers where snatched and put in the bag! at Lo Wu border crossing. We were detained for 2 weeks by the Chinese People Liberation Army at Shenzhen, the average age of us was approx 23 yrs old...

Yes we were interrogated, stripped naked and made to sit on giant ice blocks with a cold hose "shower" over our heads for 7 of those days captured...and I am proud to say only No, Rnk, Name, was given..

We all were returned back to Hong Kong at Lo Wu border crossing with a gift each = Little Red Book " Thoughts of Mao Tze Tung"........Following that the press, was kept well away, and no stories were told.

Moral of my story....times have changed in those days we were trained for these problems and knew the issues that could follow on after if you opened your mouth and told a story...Today new recruits are not trained to deal with these situations....perhaps this recent problem will change the training sylabus....

Dont blame the 2 who sold the stories, blame the MOD and Government who put them in this silly situation. The first casuallty in this issue is the truth.
glasseye said:
(although who wouldn't take the money if offered!)
Better question, with the respectthe governmnet gives the forces in todays world, who would be silly enough not to kake a 6 figure sum if it was offered to them and the boss had encouraged it????

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