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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by darylc, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. As I understand it, you do 9 weeks combat engineer training at Gibralter Barracks in Minley and then on to Bovington.

    How long are you at Bovington for? I did a search and Google but I couldn't find the answer.

  2. Are you honestly telling us that you didn't get a job brief sheet from your recruiter or even bothered going in to ask for one???
  3. After nine weeks you will train to get a driving licence at the Defence School of Driving before beginning your MilitaryEngineer (Armoured Engineer) trade training.This takes place at the Armoured Centre in Bovington, Dorset, lasts for 18 weeks and consists of:Communications and initial driving skills Training in the use of the Bowman Communications System and Tuition for the Category H (tracked) licence on Armoured Fighting Vehicle 432.Titan and Trojan skills Titan and Trojan Armoured Vehicle Training, Python Mine Clearance System Training and Trojan Remote Weapon System Training. Its Friday and I feel in a good mood...part of the process is using your own initative.
  4. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    thence on you will train vigorously on the ancient skills of drinking like a tankie not washing your coffee mug for 6 to 8 weeks at a time and finally the Zulu warrior dance with a lighted rolled up newspaper firmly inserted up yer jacksee. following all this you will be a man my son and whats more an armoured Engineer one of gods chosen men . bless you and go forth.
  5. Ahh the memories.

    Good times, eh Bern?
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  6. Thanks mate.
    I did get a job brief but I moved house before I got a chance to have a good look at them and, as is always the way, they grew legs and mysteriously disappeared. :crash: Only moved down the bloody road aswell
    Sounds fun, really cant wait now
  7. So do you not call your self "Armoured farmers" anymore?
    If you do , you will also have to learn a bit of Yokeleese.

    "Oi, git ooooorrrffff moi farrrkkkin' AVRE!!!"
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  8. I live in Linconshire mate, so I'm confident on yokel talk
  9. ...and keeping the AVRE trailer full of ginsters. Also making gopping all-ins then sitting on the louvres eating them out of ridiculously bright coloured dogs bowls, complete with the little paw prints painted round the side. Phys dodging, pie eating, scruffy looking, black fingered, skin tight covvies cos they're so fat, crates of beer stashed in their tanks etc etc

    Howling ******* creatures, armoured engineers.
  10. Just like their tanks, they are all over weight, eat tons of fuel, stink of grease and OMD and loud as Fcuk.
  11. I resemble those last two posts.
  12. Seems to me Rigrat is a jelous type!!!
  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Why kind sir you make it sound all so wonderful that after 35 year i am ready to sign up again.
    I started on the weight already, have a ton of pies in me freezer and hav'nt washed for a week . ,
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  14. No mate, you can't train for that shit off the street (whatever your background sirbhp), I think they hatch little stubby men that make and paint model tanks. John M, top man,.
  15. Nowadays you arrive at your unit do **** all until the year it's your units turn for exercise, then your regt gets 3 Titan 3 trojan from whole fleet management none work properly then you goto batus do back to back exercises as there's a shortage of armd farmers and spend your time at whiskey 9 or wherever the holding area is waiting to be fixed.
    You then return to your unit and repeat!