I have previously applied for the Army and reached the point of going to selection, (which i didnt go to). The reason i stopped my application is i lost a very close friend in a motorcycle accident. (this was 2-4 months ago)However, i am more keen than ever to join now, will my careers office be able to "fastrack" me or will i have to go through the whole process again?


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I believe as it's only a very short while ago that they should be able to just carry on with your application. Not 100% sure though :/


I went to selection last July and passed the fitness side medical etc but fucked by TST up. Don't ask me why but i ended up letting the guys at recruiting centre know that i didn't want to go any further!

I'm planning to be going to the recruiting centre tomorrow so i'll let you know what happens pal.

Not concerned about going through the process all over again though :twisted:


I'm doing the same thing, I applied in August last year and withdrew my application in November, I got as far as passing my Barb, had the first interview and attended a nurturing course.

I stopped my application to move down south to live with my girlfriend im settled here now and want to continue my application, my recruiter will phone me tomorrow to tell me whether I can continue from where I left off or not. So I can also confirm that for you tomorrow :D

Im not concerned with doing it all over again either, just more time to train and get ready for basic :D


Recruiter phoned this morning and it seems alright, I can continue my application from where I left off, So I wont have to redo my Barb or medical check, my recruiting office will double check my medical and phone me again in a week or so otherwise its just selection and last interview remaining for me :)