Re applying from leaving training... maybe...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tooooom, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm currrenly 17 weeks into training at harrogate. I'm thinking about leaving because I can't get the cap badge change I want and they're is nothing else there that I want out there. I have already been told that I can't join the RMP here as they won't accept you untill atleast 18 years old...

    So I'm just wondering, what are the chances of re applying into the Army going adult entry even if I left after 17 weeks of training? Would they even consider me? I'm not a rubbish soldier, and my reports are good, so if this was taken into account would I still be allowed to re apply?

    I don't want to discharge not being able to re apply :(

    Thank you for your help :)
  2. Why are you trying to change capbadge during training? Didn't you choose a job/regiment etc before you signed up?
  3. How should we know? Ask your training staff.
  4. Yeah, but the ACIO told me that I would definitley be able to change capbadge during training. But now that it is getting to the change window, I've only been told that they're are few places avaliable within the HC - like 5 spaces for 9 platoon worth of JS.

    None of my training staff are recruiters! So they wouldn't be able to give me unfaulty answers.

    Thanks for the quick respose.
  5. here endeth the lesson
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  6. Well go and ask them anyway dicklips, did the ACIO not point out you can't join the RMP till you're 18, or were you just too lazy to ask them?

    You are now in the Army they might let you transfer to adult entry without terminating, the ACIO have nothing to do with your career anymore.
  7. Monkeys may take you, surely... otherwise they are cutting themselves off from ALL junior entrants. Who may be 18 at the end of Harrogate, or after RMP training.

    Failing that, look around for something you like the look off... You may get the chance to retrade in Adult service. Leaving now, could be the last chance you get.

    Spaces are down, recruiting is up. Don't quote me on that though.
  8. No, the ACIO didn't tell me.

    I'm definitely not going to leave now, but if I can't make my capbadge change to HC then, will I be able to change regiment before phase 2? Or will I have to wait 4 years?

  9. If you want HC (Which I am assumng is HCR) then ask for it, if you can't get it ask for anothe FR roled RAC unit. Once trained you may be able to move in the future.

    I don't think you'll get a chance to change before phase 2, if you are already at week 17 of Harrogate.

    If you really want HCR, speak to your Plt staff, with reasons. Think of why you want to go there.

    Don't just say 'because it's cool', have a bit of research to show you are really interested in the unit and what draws you there. For example PDs. You wont get the chance to do that anywhere else so point out you fancy riding hosses. If that is what is drawing you, you could join the Gunners and go Mounted Gunner with King's troop.
  10. Total rubbish ...from April 6th 2010 everyone had to sign a JOB OFFER LETTER stating that you know the job your signing up for and cannot change it REMEMBER THE FORM????

    Also as stated above now your serving its nothing to do with the ACIO you need to speak through your CofC and RCMO if in Regiment. If you do decide to leave AFC you will get a minimum time allowed on your discharge paperwork before you can go back through the process then will have to get 203 Special Enlistment Authority through the AGC to see if they will give you a chance to try the whole process again. RMP are extremely hard to get into as it is and if you arent an A grade potential at ADSC no point....the list for awaiting allocation is long.

    Its your call by the end of the day but dont go off blaming said it was all in black and white on your job offer letter and contract you signed through the ACIO.....if you believe you were lied to and didnt sign the job offer letter( you wouldnt of started at AFC if you hadnt) then appeal against it...........on the other hand if you signed the letter and not bothered reading it then its your own fault.
  11. Didn't knw that iron. So each bloke joining knows the slot they are going to and are bound to that choice until a time after training? Why did that come in? the amount of recruits v slots?
  12. Its actually to stop people transferring trades once in throughout there whole career...the Job Offer letter introduced 6th April 2010 will now follow an individual throughout their career. No more need for transfer fairs or the ammount of money wasted on retrading people once they get bored. Also to stop all those saying that they were told they could retrade and swop once in as they sign the letter to say they know what they have signed up for and unless of exceptional circumstances (in the Armys deallocation of CEG or failed at trade) then there not permitted to swop jobs.....IMHO a great move and this lad will of signed this Job Offer letter prior to attestation.
  13. Ithought transfer fairs were to keep people in, so as not to waste the supernumary skills that they would hold? Or have we recruited so many such thoughts are now redundant?
  14. You could leave but it's not worth it, it's a massive hassle. I left Harrogate in early 2009 (Not to rebadge, i was just a massive fanny at sixteen) and reappplied in 2010 and i've only just gotten a start date, though some of that time is down to some health issues. Stick it out, you wanted to go where you're headed and you probably made a decent decision on regiment choice and now you're only seeing the grass being greener over there. Good luck getting it all sorted at any rate.
  15. Abit harsh in my opinion, if i want to spend the minimum 4 years of my career in one trade, then after the minimum is up retrade, i should be allowed to.

    Isnt return of service still in place, after 7 years of say being a gunner, you've certainly paid your country back for 16 odd weeks of trade training. Should be allowed to move somewhere else if you still enjoy the army, but bored of your job.