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Hi everyone,

I've been visiting the boards for a long while, so I've been around a while.

Over a year ago (November 2005), I started my phase 1 training as a Sig. During my first week, I received notice by phone that my mother had been diagnosed with bowel cancer and that my parents had recently split up, the latter I figured would happen with the problems that had happened at home before I had set off.

I would have delayed starting phase 1 training, but I didn't want to disappoint and thought if I got my head down and got on with it, all will work out in the end.

Obviously, I found out what had happened and phase 1 training is not the best time to have other problems, so I decided to get discharged early to sort out home problems with the hopes of going back once done.

I've recently been to my local AFCO to re-apply. The Staff Sgt brought out my papers and we went through them. It is recommended that I do not re-apply for at least 24 months, which means I would have to wait until November 2007. I also noticed that the report of my discharge (about a paragraph) is inaccurate of the circumstances, though not serious.

Is there any way of appealing this decision and bringing the date closer?
How will the early discharge effect any future applications?
What would happen if I started a new application online?

I would really appreciate any advice and information.



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You say it is recommended that you don't re-apply for 24 months. That implies that the recruitment team have the discretion as to whether or not to accept your application.

Did you have any entries on your conduct sheet? Is there any particular reason you can think of why they wouldn't take you back right away? Did you bring the mistake on your discharge papers to the Staffy's attention? The careers office themselves would be the first point of contact for any sort of appeal - ask them.

Was it the R Signals that you joined first time around? Another Arm / Corps might be willing to take you if they have greater shortages.

Just a few thoughts, I don't know if they will be of any help to you....


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The recruiting office in the first instance can only go off the recommendations made on the discharge certificate, whilst information on their may be inaccurate its not actually something you normally appeal as the recommendation to re-enlist is taken onboard.

However all recruiting offices understand what the "203" is and can make a case of you to rejoin providing the MCM Div of the Capbadge you are trying to enlist into will accept you.

What surprises me is that you werent recommended to rejoin until 24 months, thats normally reserved for severe cases.

Bear in mind though that if you rejoin, you do not get the right to DAOR this time round and you are in for the full term of your T & C's ;)
Hi LE and fivetodo,

Thanks for replying.

In regards to your questions, LE, I didn't read the conduct sheet, I think my time in training was too short for a conclusive conduct report. I brought the mistake up, but the Staff Sgt recommended to apply closer to November. I didn't question his decision, although I would like to apply now as everything has changed and I am in a strong position to become success soldier. It was R Signals I joined the first time and it would still be my choice now, followed by an engineering choice.

Fivetodo, should I go back to the AFCO to pleasantly ask for a "203", or would making a new application online, stating my previous enlisting details be sufficient?

The length of time that was recommended before reapplying shocked me, too.

I understand that if I'm accepted this time, I won't be able to DAOR and I would be happy with that, because I have no plans for doing so :lol:


Hi Kim G12.
Having worked at the APC, I can tell you that the AFCO or ACIO will not block your application to re-enlist - they would normally process your application and submit it to Colour Service section in Glasgow. It is then booked in and sent to the appropriate MCM Division (Cap Badge), in your case R SIGNALS.
It is at this stage that your application is scrutinised and considered carefully and you should be aware that the desk officer will have all your documentation available to him or her, before a decision is made. The fact that you have been delayed by a period of 24 months suggests to me that there is something lurking in the background that you have not been totally upfront about? Normally, a young recruit is advised to re-apply in 12 months time if it is believed the individual is too immature to cope with Phase 1 and Phase 2 training the first time around - this is normally the case with individuals who apply to DAOR (discharge as of right). A period of 24 months, (as mentioned by previous posters) seems excessive and would only be applied if there was some concern about either your conduct or possibly your medical condition.
All I can advise is that you re-submit your application with as much supporting documentation as you can (character references etc) and hope for the best.
I can state that there is very little possibility of you having an appeal against the decision upheld if there is anything dodgy lurking within your personal files.
Hope this helps and good luck!
I think it was to do with my sister calling up saying that my mother had died, in order to get a quick release, when in reality, she had been diagnosed with cancer.

I knew she wasn't telling the truth, but went alone with it thinking it was the best way (for some strang reason) to gain a week to see my mother. I quickly admitted the truth to the CO shortly after the call, who wasn't very happy (justifiably), though it states in the report that I had asked my sister to call and say this, it is incorrect and was done on my sisters own accord thinking it would help me get 1-2 weeks out to see my mother.

Of course, this doesn't look good, especially when it states in the report that I was delusional and confused with what I wanted in life!?!

I didn't want to leave the army and I recognise my mistakes. Theres no excuse for it, though I hope the circumstances are taken into account.

How long would it take to receive a response back from the MCM Devision?


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An answer from MCM Div can take anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, but in most cases they are pretty quick and action the paperwork pretty rapidly :)

My advice would be to get yourself back into you nearest AFCO/ACIO and explain everything to them, if you are 100% honest with them and tell them the full story and how you realise that a career is what you want and you understand the mistake you made last time round, then chances are they will take pity on you and try to get this sorted out quickly.

If you go in there larging it up, acting cocky then they are quite within their rights after an initial interview to hold to the recommendation that was made about you not rejoining, that is the policy as we as recruiters dont get to see how you perform and act in training, we do however appreciate that what we see in the office isnt necessarily what the instructors have to work with ;)

Time to cap in hand if you seriously want to get back in, plead your case and ask them nicely to raise the relevant paperwork supporting your re-enlistment :)

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