Re-applying..... Fastest way in???

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by thegasman2000, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. So I originally applied to join the establishment early last year, and after a barb of 79 I decided the engineers and more specifically the Design draftsman route was my thing. Then I hit an obstacle, in the form of another car, head on and fast enough! :D This was however 6 months before my application. I had cleanup surgery on my knee (rubble exclusion) but I was medically deferred for 6 months. My Dr’s comments were “thegasman2000’s knee is healed and working fully without any pain, but I cannot guarantee this will be the case in the future.” Muppet! :?

    So I am now reapplying after rattling around for almost a year (Diving instructor job in Dubai amongst other things) and have been told my BARB is now out of date, new one required. New literacy tests and numeracy tests have been brought in, and I still might not get in due to the knee injury. Which is a kick in the danglies if I am honest! :evil:

    My main question is do I have a reasonable chance of getting in at all?? My fitness is definitely adequate (I play rugby twice a week) and I haven’t felt a twinge for over a year. The second question is what is my fastest route into training? I have been waiting around for a year running up debts (manageable) and generally loosing the will to live lol. Can I fast track my application somehow? Or join as something else and change to get the Basic earlier.

    Wow that looks like an epic rant but I am just super frustrated I cant just get training yesterday!
  2. Just get on with your application and go for it. Don’t make any reference to your previous injury unless specifically asked. If you know that its up to the task that good enough.

    Also there are plenty of officer recruit’s getting in with no spine, so an old knee injury is nothing.
  3. Why not join the TA while you're waiting?
  4. Join the TA while he’s waiting. Are you mad? He may realise that in the TA you get all the fun things in the Army condensed into manageable weekend sized chunks.

    He may well miss out on, Guard duty, Regimental Duties, Working in the mess as a waiter, Having his civil liberties curtailed. Not being able to blog his experiences or sell his story if inadvertently captured by unfriendly Muslims. Being court marshalled for doing his job, bullying, sexism, homophobia, racism and being massively undervalued as an employee.

    Additionally he may have the chance of being at home for things like, his wife’s and kids birthdays, anniversary’s, kids being born, parents dieing, home football matches
    And a mass of other overrated life changing events while not getting the chance to stag on in all the garden spots of the world.

    Join the TA. You better keep your good ideas to yourself, or someone may give you a job with real responsibility
  5. I would consider the TA if I was given a time scale of 6 months plus before basic.

    Born in Rinteln (I think one parent was there!) I am used to not having my family close, and strangely enough I am happy with that. The army paid for me to go to a posh boarding school and I want to repay them, get a career and make something of myself. It seems like they are not bothered if I join up....

    Which is a tad dissappointing with all the expensive advertising they are spending their money on, Whilst squadies still have equipment shortages???

    Rant over sorry, 22 Years old with an ex AGC father who has just finished his 22. Bound to be why I am bitter lol
  6. i would not worry about your fitness mate, just get on with it.

    your future awaits.
  7. They wont thank you for it and you dont owe them anything! Ditch the idea that the MOD will look after you....cause they wont! You are a number...nothing more. If they break you, they will toss you aside and get another one!
    Dont sound so desperate, you will get in, it will just take a bit of time, as they are well short in most trades.
  8. like the murphy's eh, joe :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    but you are right mate. :D :D :D :D
  9. I get the impression you gentlemen are bitter and twisted! I have nothing but the upmost respect for the MOD who have given me a life of joy and wheres me crayon, I need to draw some more pictures on my comfy wallpaper *twitch* 8O
  10. Ok so if getting in is not going to be a problem, my fitness is better than ever before! Then whats going to be my fastest route? I remember from last time PO's were getting a 2 month wait for Basic but Design Draftsman in the region of 8 months? Could I go to basic under the pretense of another trade and change during?

    My CA is not giving me any hints on a fast date for basic, grr.

    I dont relly care if the MOD "look after me" It just amazes me that a 22 year old with science A Levels and a definate want to join the Army seems to be a chore to get in???
  11. I'm sure I'll be corrected, but doesn't the Army only have two levels of entry - those that are applying for a commission and those that aren't? (The US Army has a third entry level, but we won't go into that).

    So, as far as the Army is concerned, a 22 year old with science A-levels applying to be a DD is grouped with a 17 year old who can barely tie his shoe laces. The Army has been promoting equality and diversity since long before the terms were coined.

    Remove chip from shoulder and accept that the Army excels in uniformity. Your educational ability will get it's chance after you've joined, reflecting in faster promotions and choice of career direction, provided that you also have the appropriate character.
  12. Point taken, and its obviously a fair point.

    The issue still lies that the for all the Army's shiney advertising its not seemingly desperate for people to join. Or surely it would make recruits feel more valued be they old, young, thick as two short planks and gifted.

    Chip removed.
  13. The Army is desperate for people to join, but it's a big organisation and for economy (financial and manpower), the recruiting process has to be simplified.

    Everything works on the basis of keeping up with the slowest person. If you're a go-getter, this can be frustrating, but eventually you realise that it's just one example of team-building.

    Joining the Army could well be somebody's first experience of sorting out their personal admin, so the snail's pace could be very welcome for many.
  14. The way to fast track is to choose infantry. Most trades fill up quite quickly. A years wait from start to finish is not uncommon.
  15. I dont believe in just being a soldier. I think the balance of a Soldier first and formost coupled with combat engineer knowledge and a marketable skill is the reason the Army looks so appealing.

    Not taking anything away from the infantry, they are the best at what they do, i would just like something different!

    All trades fill up quickly? I have been tld by the good old CA that they "reset" after april year end?