Re Applying, Eyesight help.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BRADUK, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. I applied for the army 2 years ago but failed due to my eyesight was above +8.00 it was +8.25. My eyesight has now improved to +7.90. I was wondering if i could reapply or am i 'barred.' If someone could give me some advice id be grateful. Thanks
  2. Just go into the ACIO and if you started an application 2 years ago it should still be on the system. If I was you Id take in your new up to date eye prescription and the senior recruiter may send it off to the ADSC med sister to assess, they will also see what the initial deferrment was. If all goes well they will then give you new application pack and new RG8 for you to start the process again ( recruiter might do this from the start).

    At least then you will know the score ( but take in the eye prescription for the med people to assess)
  3. How long were you originally "barred" for?
  4. Funny you should post that. I thought I wouldnt be allowed to serve as my optician gave me a persciption of -8.25. Got another one done today because I thought "my god thats alot worse than last time" and turns out she mucked it up. I am 2.75. God knows how you make that mistake.

    Good luck, sounds like you should be allowed to join!

  5. I'd recheck your prescription. Sight measurements are normally given in 0.25 increments, so +7.90 seems a bit odd. Could it be +7.00 or +7.50?

    The + prefix indicates trouble at reading distances, so it might be an idea to get someone else to check it! ;)
  6. yea its probly +7.50, cheers for all your help, im going to go my local army centre on monday so hopefully il be able to reapply!! :D
  7. Woot! Good luck, you must be thrilled!

  8. How did it go, mate?

    I've got terrible eyesight but with my contacts/glasses I can see fine - is that a problem?


    P.S. How did your eyesight "improve"? :eek:
  9. It depends just how bad it is. I think it has to be no worse than 5/6 with glasses and correctable to this amount by no more than -7 or +8 dopiters. Do a quick search to make sure but its something like this.

    As for them improving, my eyes do this occasionally too. Sometimes they get stronger, sometimes weaker. Dont know why.

  10. Maybe something to do with tiredness, because my sight always gets worse at night?

    Would I still need eyesight as good as that of an infantryman if I am a RMO?
  11. Would never of thought that!
  12. I think that would be more to do with blood sugar and the likes, diabetics are well known for their variable eyesight and it makes sense if at the end of the day you haven't eaten much in the way of carbs that your sight would also be slightly effected. Low blood sugar would inhibit itself as tiredness so it makes sense to me.
  13. Good luck bud.

    On this note, say you had a bad "day"* at ADSC during.. spirometry ;), you cocked up, can you have it done at the doctors, do good and appeal?

    I mean.. things change

    *unfit bugg3r
  14. Yea so far so gud jst waiting on a medical report from the medical boared in scotland, but my army careers officer said it shud be no prob as my eyesight insnt over +8.00 and i have top eyesight with contacts/specs.

    Will let u kno wot happens!!!
  15. the eyesight for the infantry is really quite low. min corrected is: 3 in the right, 6 in the left (PULHEEMS), which is like 6/12 and 6/32.

    i may have remembered wrong.
    also, my eyesight improved by about 3 times. according to my optician, in can be that your eye grew in a strange way for some reason, this would make you short sighted, but as it develops properly, your vision gets better. also, he said some people can respond to using the eye without vision correction, as in their body seems to try and correct the short sightedness, but if you wear glasses, how can it tell anything is wrong?

    however, he said no real studies have been done into the second theory, as its not in any companys interest. if it was proved, it would stop people buying glasses, so who would want to prove the theory? not opticians or glasses companys, and the health service doesnt have enough money to buy bed sheets let alone conduct such studies.