re-applying after being recu'd at phase one?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chris3018, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Ok so just looking for some advice, so hopefully someone has been through this already and can shed some light for me,
    Okay, I went through the whole selection process and got allocated for phase one, 3 months before starting I fecked my knee up at work, I thought I was fit but because I had gone to the gp, it was pulled up at the medical interview on day 2 after I had signed the contract, I then failed the physicle assesment on the grounds that I had a slight pain when running after 1.5 mile and was told it would aggrovate and become a problem throughout training, so I have been medicaly discharged and told that I had to re apply form the start by the doctor, then was pretty much told by my the co at pirbright that I'd be fast tracked back there after I had got pain free and made a 3 month exersize diary but couldn't give me any specifics and that the adsc would help me out with it, anyone with any info on this would be massivly appreciated thanks.
  2. Please ignore this post. It was added by a civilian who has no knowledge of the army.
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  3. Can you amend your post to add that you have never served and can offer no relevant information to the OP.
  4. Talk to your recruitment office, they will be able to give you the gen info.
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  5. I imagine it was for the fact that the op asked a genuine question, and you decided to try and seem big and clever, whilst not actually providing a useful answer.
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  6. I think he infracted you because, being a civilian who has never served, how could you possibly comment on anything to do with recruitment. You may well be qualified to talk on medical matters but you initial post offered no such advice. If as you say, arrse is getting ridiculous, please dont let the door hit you on the way out

    No horsemeat was used in the production of this post
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  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Show me in this post (which is the one you were infracted for):
    Where you said this:

    You didn't, did you? You were scribbling utter bollocks in a non-bollocks scribbling forum. That's what you got infracted for.
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  8. There is NO fast tracking back...firstly as you have been told you have to complete the 3 month exercise diary, once this is completed along with another RG8 (or what ever the new system coming in next month) you will then have to get a 203 Special Enlistment form cleared and then the SMO at ADSC will decide on your fete. Having seen half a dozen similar cases once all this is assessed I can see it going to Occ Health medical to see if they think there will be a problem.

    First thing is get your injury sorted, get the 3 month diary completed then its in the lap of the Gods....if you get through all of that ok then your 203 will dictate if its full ADSC again but then it will be a case of Wait Out. This also adds to what i have stated many occassions regarding a lot of people Med discharged once their Med Docs turn up from their GP at the start of phase 1.
  9. So looks like you can't point it out then? Oh and you have spelt people and wouldn't incorrectly...
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    And if you had half a brain you wouldn't bother to reply, would you? Most of the other posters manage to stay out of here, what makes you so special? Go away, go somewhere else and stop scribbling over the forums. I've told you twice now.
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  11. But you're a security guard.
  12. Some people, maybe less experienced in life, for whatever reason need an answer to a problem they have. Many people turn to internet forums to find answers, hence the success of many theme based forums ranging from Ford Mondeo owners to Arrse. The OP asked a question that he either wanted confirmed, or perhaps, just needed someone to give him a bit of comfort that the information he was provided was correct. He asked the question in the appropriate forum, not the naafi, and so didn't deserve the response from someone who's own knowledge of military recruitment procedures is gained only from this site, because you never had the balls to join up yourself. You then have the audacity to complain when someone suggests, quite politely I thought, that perhaps your response was inappropriate.

    Perhaps you should ask yourself why you felt the need to comment on recruitment, a process you have never been through. Is it because you feel ashamed?

    No horsemeat was used in the production of this post
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  13. Send Key Setting over.
  14. Not clever enough to keep your gob shut about something you know nothing about, or to grow up and just quit whilst you're behind. You made a poor attempt to seem big and clever, then when challenged by others/ rightfully punished by a mod (i can see more coming your way too) then decide to try and bluff your way out of it, then become obtuse and throw your toys out of the pram. How about you take your head for a wobble. And if you're going to criticise someone for their use of the english language, it carries more weight when you don't make basic mistakes too.
  15. And of course you aren't a Doctor. Where did you see the word 'Gurney' in a James Patterson paperback?
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