Re-applying after a injury?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by EngliscBeadurinc, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im wondering if some people could help me on here with some advice regarding re-applying after a injury.

    I started the application process to join in late March and had past the BARB and Medical forms part and was waiting to start RSC Weekend at Glencourse. Sadly on 2nd April I got jumped getting off the bus where I live and in the fight, fractured the neck of my 5th metacarpal bone (small bone to do with your lil finger). Wasnt major or anything but had to have 2 wires put in for just a few weeks. When I rang the Army Careers Office to inform the Sargent who was dealing with my application I was told I would have to wait a year before I could re-apply (completly gutted me being told that). The thing is my wires were taken out on the 1st May and after jsut few weeks physio my hand was back to normal. Since then ive been rebuilding my fitness and ive surpassed my fitness level when I orginally began the application process.

    What I need advice on is wether that one year wait is set in stone or is it possible for me to re-apply now? I have a signed letter from my consultant saying in his medical opinion im fully back to health and I feel my fitness is much better then ever before and Im really eager to hopefully get in the Army, just dont want to waste another year in civie life when I feel I could be in the Army doing so much more.
  2. Unfortunately it is set in stone.

    the one year wait isnt that long - bigger broken bones = longer wait, and back problems could be deferred for 5 years!

    Get your wires out - see the physio, and do your exercises

    start your paperwork again at the nine month point

    (you could always go and have a chat to the TA in the mean time, youre in the toon - there are plenty to choose)

    PM me if you have anything specific you need to know
  3. It's not so much, if at all, due to current problems with the injury/healed injury - it's to allow a good time to go by to minimise the risk of reinjury, and to see if any further problems arise, as is possible even though you're back to full health.

    Was in a crash last year and completely f'ked my wrist, now it's all back to 'normal' officially, but I still get some b'stard aches and pains in it sometimes.
  4. yes mate sorry to hear that even though u have the letter things relating to medical the army take a strict code i broke my wrist last may 06 had a signed clearence medical note but have within 12 weeks but have only just got my interview out of the way last week. try n hang in there mate keep the hunger you never no what might happen no harm in speaking to ur recruiter
  5. Having said that, just refer to icemann's and my last post;

    He had a broken wrist and got deferred.

    I had a REALLY broken wrist, muscle, tendons, ligaments...everything damaged, torn or broken and didn't get deferred at all.

    So...there's lots of discrepancies, you could always try appealing
  6. This is technically right and not going against your post as you sound like a recruiter. Normally there is a minimum of a year between injury to being found med suitable but sometimes this can be altered depending on medical evidence. I had a couple of applicants when I was a recruiter who had fractures that heeled and due to consultant responses were able to start the process again around the nine month point with provisos there was approx 9-12 months before going to ADSC. This way things like BARB tests / paperwork could still be in date.
    As said its good advice that you have been given by your recruiter and Bedpanzzero but say for instance you get consultant letters/GP info and ask your Recruiter nicely to send it off in Sep/Oct the ADSC should give you a date you can go back into the system(asthey have your records locked on the computer) Say for instance they said 1st March you carry on with your fitness, go back for a confirmatory interview about January/Feb and your Senior Recruiter was happy they could ask for your record to be unlocked and you could be back around 1st of March for selection. Hope you understand this rabble and BED agrees if he's in the Recruiting world.

    edited to say
    You will also get a fitness program sent to you giving you details of walking with weight and running. Keep it up to date and do the things it tells you and get your Recruiter to send off nearer to the time to show youve had no pain and completed the task set.
  7. I got deferred for a hip injury, 12 month wait just like you. I had to do 6 miles hill walking with 20lbs, and 40 minutes running twice a week for 3 months, pain free, before they'd consider taking me.

    Kept up my physio and did the exercises, started recording at the 9 month point, went down with it all ready.

    I'd advise you get a job if you haven't already, maybe go to night school to sort out your GCSE's if you need to. Don't look at it as a year deferal, I didn't, just look at it as another year to get as prepared as possible or over prepared!

    Just had my first interview, so its all on the go for me and outlook is good.
  8. Just wanted to say thank you to all who replied for the information/advice they gave and the encouragement, it meant a lot. Well as you can geuss the year has been and gone and ive just came back from Glencorse which I passed, so now waiting to do my oath and then I'll be off to Pirbright then HCav.

    For anyone reading this topic whos yet to go to slection, I cant stress to you how much not to worry about the run like most people do, myself included. Aslong as you train and do it with the right attitude you will ace it. I use to train a lot but was only doing 11.30 but, cometh the hour cometh the man, I did it in 9.57. You'll find when runing with/agaisnt other people youll be a hell of a lot faster then you are when runing on your own.