Re-application. Deferral period - Any ideas how long?

Greetings one and all, anyone out there help me out please?

Currently applying to rejoin the Army in a new trade. I served 7 and a bit years in the regs and 1 1/2 years TA as an armourer. I have recently applied to join as an Ammo Tech, during the application process I managed to injure my lower back playing rugby, (Mid October) off work for a couple of weeks, now back to normal.

The letter I received from the SMO - Pirbright states;

'Reapplication will depend on the outcome of your assessment. You will need to send us a copy of a medical report regarding it assuming that you have a satisfactory outcome.'

The letter closes with; 'I will look forward to receiving your application at the end of the deferral period.'

How long is the deferral period? (Or is a case of as soon as you have the report from the doctor?)

Cheers in advance,

Might want to post this in the Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC forum, a Medical Orifice type person will know I am sure.

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