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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by stabandswat, May 22, 2007.

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  1. I was looking through the RE site again and am now certain this is the reg I am going to join next year. One of the things mentioned was that the RE fight alongside the infantry sometimes. How does Phase 1 CMS(R) equip a sapper to fight alongside an infanteer who has completed a more in-depth course (CIC)? Also is anyone able to tell me what actually happens on a CIC that is so different to CMS(R)? I understand that CMS(R) is a more 'all-round' cse designed to turn you from civvy to squaddie but as I have never been on a CIC I have no idea what it entails. (I could just ask on the infantry forum I know but i'm sure it's been done a million times)
  2. When you complete training, this doesn't mean you're battle ready. Usually before a tour everyone does optag, cascade training..etc which will involve a more in depth training to your specific role over there and infanteer stuff. And it's usually only field sqns that support the infantry.
  3. Just ask 48 Fd Sqn (Air Support) who deployed to Iraq in the infantry role. More than a few Engr sqns have deployed to Ireland as infantry as well. 59's recce troop and 23 Engr Regt recce troop certainly gave a very good account of themselves in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and when they were deployed in Afghanistan.
  4. There is an Infantry Skills course, which is tought to some Corps men alongside CIC.

    RE fighting alongside Infantry is like Infantry building bridges alongside RE. Any unit in the army can be trained to do any task given the right instructors.

    Keep in mind though that fighting is the Infantry's trade skill. It forms almost the entirety of their training. Time RE spend doing RE stuff, Inf spend fixing swords and praying for blood to make the grass grow.

    Though I have no doubt that most Sappers can fight when they need to, I wouldn't be supprised to learn that "sometimes" means, "when shit gets really pearshaped".
  5. The infighting between knockers and farmers usually maintains our fighting efficiency when asked to step up to the plate and work alongside the infantry.

    After surviving a p*ssed off fieldy wielding a pickaxe / a manic armoured farmer wielding a sprocket wrench (delete as applicable) an armed enemy wearing a scarf on his head tends to pale into insignificance...
  6. I've heard 32 are off on an Infantry tour of Afgan in the near future.
  7. 32 and 25 are old engineers...

    Sappers are great for war......research WW2...

    PRESENT DAY OF "WAR ON TERROR".......join a corp...get a job ,when you are qualified........civvy street dont need sappers!!!!

    I have a hobby to stir!!!!!!
  8. Isn't it great when a Sapper gets Top at Breacon, people get a bit embarassed when that happens.
  9. We found in WW2 that the infantry never wanted to change places with the Sappers. As to fighting as infantry? The sappers earned a good reputation.

    But sometimes being described as "those bloody sappers" As they had a habit of driving forward on their own. On several occasions being "ordered" to stop, and let the infantry deal.

    So it should come as no surprise to learn that the Sappers in the Third British Infantry Div, won more awards that any other regiment or Corps.
  10. Good on ya swordman...
  11. I also believe the Cent AVREs with 165mm dems gun also took out more than a few Iraqi tanks on Op Granby!
  12. The only things cent's took out were themselves.
  13. Sappers and Gunners have always been the first choice to back up the Infantry and they remain so to this day - as evidenced by the number of Infantry Role tours undertaken by RE and RA Units over the past 40-odd years.

    Whisper it quietly - this isn't so much because we are intrinsically better / harder than anyone else but because we and the RA are organised and trained in such a way as to make our conversion to Infantry-role peeps reasonably simple.

    Even so - the old 'everyone is a trained infantryman' stuff is still b0llocks, even in our case. We are no more infantrymen than assualt pioneers are combat engineers.
  14. Where did you hear that?
  15. Well I was on a Cent Avre there, and there was no way we were firing the big boy. Do you know how long one of them takes to clean!!!!