RE Alpine Ski Camp/Championships

Hello all.

4 years ago I went to Neustift, Austria for the RE Ski Camp/Championships. Basically 4 weeks getting taught by the austrian ski school followed by a week of competing. It was run by the corps 'centre of excellence for alpine skiing' 35 Engr Regt but this was to move to 28.

Does anyone know if it still happens? I've not seen much about it in sapper magazine or online, and would like to badger my regiment/sqn into sending a team this year (2006), so if anyone has any info at all please post here or PM me. POC's, dates, costs, etc would be great.


ahh, was that not "OP CYGNET" some of lads from my old unit went on that "swan" & had a cracking time, getting paid to go skiing it cant be bad, can it?

not heard anything at my current unit couple of the lads were meant to be going skiing in the new year but i think that was more along the lines of the old "snow queen" sketch rather than what you are looking for.

but if i hear anything else i will post the details for you.
Possibly it was cygnet. I can't remember, was only a lowly sprog at the time and was far too focused on the drinking and 'apres ski' than what ex name was attached to it. And yes, it wasn't bad at all!!! :lol:

We're also sending blokes (and quite possibly myself) on a similar snow queen type trip to Neustift in march, but that is purely a sub-unit exped.

Cheers for the help tho!
bit late the RE Ski Champs happened about 8 weeks ago ish, and all the teams will be heading for france and the relevant div champs then off too the army champs in serre chevallier, best way to get info is contact 28 Engr Regt, the new centre of exellence for all things snowy, but i doubt if any of the blokes will be back until about march time??

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