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Discussion in 'REME' started by Spud6, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi i am joining the REME as an aircraft technician and leave for phase 1 on the 27th november! Just wanted some hints, tips and info on phase 1 and life after training
  2. When you get to your unit, remember you may be a lance corporal but you are still a Cfn in everybodys mind ;)

    But seriously, just enjoy it, work hard and reap the rewards.
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  3. Thanks very much and yeah i understand that ill still have a lot to learn even after training!
  4. I'm not sure what you've heard but did you know you'll be less popular than RMP?


    Good luck mate, hope it all goes well - make the most of all your opportunities, listen to good advice, ignore/avoid ********* **** about as much as possible and don't get caught!
  5. Well i did know we were disliked to a certain degree but worse than RMP, didnt think that was possible

    Thanks im looking forward to it!
  6. I go in the REME to on the 27th of november as a REME armorer. Where are you going for phase 1. I'm going to pirbright. write back
  7. I am going to Bassingbourne Armyben0121 for 14 weeks and then arborfield for phase 2!
  8. Spud6 there was a slight confusion at my afco office as weather I'm going to bassingbourne or airtight. The reason being is because my recruiter told me first that I'm going to bassingbourne because all reme recruits go there now. However on the sheets supplied to revise my job it said I will go to atr pirbright. My recruiter is now saying I go to atr pirbright. If it changes again spud6 ill tell u kk write back Ben
  9. Thats seems a bit odd, i might just ring my recruiter and make sure it definetly is bassingbourne i am going to cause thats the only place ive looked into! What date do you do your oath on, mine is the 17th just 10 days before i go! You looking forward to getting away?

  10. ye mate looking forward to it can't stand it round by me anymore. i got my oath dates on the 16th november. are you going for armorer? and did u fone your recruiter? my recruiter said he is going to double check however he is pretty certain i go pirbright write back ben
  11. "write back ben".......seriously?!
  12. i dnt know how it works my bad. ill just write what i got to say next. like i said im new to this u stupid.
  13. Are you really joining the REME? Could you also tell me what a "fone" is?
  14. First tip, get your Basic Literacy Skills sorted you twat.
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