hellogoodbye said:
grow up you c*nt
nice, not only can you 'eat Paras for breakfast', you can also type nasty swear words into your computer at the big horrible nasty man.

I'd have thought a man of your calibre would easily be able to carry a whole water bowser, never mind worrying about the weight of jerry cans. :wink:
What does it matter? They are as heavy as they need to be. You'll p1ss it seeing as how you can 'shit out Marines after lunch'.

A walk in the park for you mate, a walk in the park :wink:
Joe_Squad said:
theflyinghandbag said:
YoU'Ll NeVeR WaLk AlOnE !!

CyMrY Am ByTh

Surely not! How about CYMRU . . .
Good spot there chap. :headbang:

Couldn't quite believe my eyes, and to think that he is wanting to go Welsh Guards! Bet his tattoos could make for interesting reading :muhaha:
I stand corrected there fella, Cymry apparently is acceptable........... :oops:

Doesn't detract from the topic heading though. Those jerry cans are 30 kilos each i hear............ :wink:
Hopping briefly back on track...

hellogoodbye said:
Anyone know how heavy the jerry cans are?
Depends what they fill em with 8O

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