"Re-activating" a Commission

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pompey_Jock, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Am assuming this is best in this Forum than the TA section....

    Just putting this out onto the board as I wont be able to reach anyone at the RHQ concerned until next week... so just trawling for information. It's a long(ish) story and so will try to keep it brief & just use bullet points....

    - Been with the TA since 1988, OTC while at University. Finished with OTC having already done TA Commisioning - moved on out into the big TA world in 1992/3.

    - Between 1992/3 and 1998 was active in TA unit did all the camps etc etc.

    - Just prior to sorting out Captains exam and promotion etc - moved overseas; to the USA.

    - Had thought I had written letter asking be taken off 'active strength' and transferred to reserve list/RARO or whatever it is called.... but it seems I either didnt write this, or it didnt get to the people that needed it. Either way - the unit knew I was moving overseas, certainly for a few years at any rate.

    - Was overseas until summer of 2004 and upon returning went to RHQ to see about coming back onto strength and resuming a role as commissioned officer.

    - There was a little confusion over my status initially before it was discovered that someone (in Glasgow personnel presumably) had resigned my commission in my absence.

    - Then a little more poking about was done to see what was needed to get me back in green...
    recently received a letter with all the apllications forms for the vetting etc AFB6610A, MOD F1109 & MOD F 134. This letter also made mention of District Selection Board... ??


    WTF...? was my initial response. :roll:

    After which I calmed down and cleaned up the coffee I had spluttered across the room... but still have a few questions..

    1) Had always been under impression that someone had to resign their own commission... didnt know it could be done on their behalf by someone in personnel?

    2) Are the forms merely a paper exercise? Is the mention of re-doing the selection a joke? For god sake - did DAB years ago (and pre-RCB, aruguably much the same thing) and then the Commission Course, PCBC etc etc - and was doing the job for years - are they serious about having to do the selection again?

    I understand it is the weekend and this is rather long and involved but any light that can be shed on it is appreciated. At one point had thougth getting back into green would have been a relatively simple procedure - but that hope is fading.

    Anyways.... that is it in a nutshell. I open it to the floor..... [​IMG]
  2. - Anyone.......?

    or would this be better in a different forum?
  3. It's the weekend.. Sir. :lol: One of the barrack room lawyers or useful RHQ types will probably drop in on Monday and solve your dilema, they're probably all hammered right now.
  4. Ahhhaah - good point.... just lucky ol' me that has a lot of idle time on my hands at the weekend currently. :(


    Have pinged an email into the RHQ concerned and will no doubt hear from them in due course, and will still await - with eagre anticipation - some extra input from the 'powers that be' here also.
  5. Good luck with it, Pompey_Jock. I did a quick dig around but didn't find anything useful. TA_Sig is right, especially about them being probably all hammered right now. :lol:
  6. This was probably done totally illegally by your unit in an attempt to "tidy up" during SDR in 1999.You can seek the truth by submitting a Freedom of Information request.No one but you can resign your commision (on your behalf) .If this was done you have grounds for redress/compensation
  7. msr

    msr LE

    If you haven't turned up for training for 12 months, the you have probably been disharged.

    In any case you have been out for seven years, so it is not unreasonable to expect you to start again from scratch.

    Anyway, a man of your calibre should have no problems and will soon grasp
    MK1 and find yourself on the way back to Captain in no time.

  8. Well thanks for the information chaps must admit the actual 'resigning' did catch me by surprise... was aware that could be taken off active strength and put on held strength etc.
    But did think that one had to resign their own Commission.

    As to the 7 years away and starting from scratch - that doesnt seem to be entirely the case.... will go in just as I left off... but it just seems there is this vague mention of having to go through the D.A.B (or whatever they call it now).

    And while it shouldnt pose a problem, as such, it does seem highly farcical.

    Am still waiting to hear back from the Unit about it, and dont imagine I will before tomorrow.

    I wait with breath abated......
  9. Latest 'scores on the doors':-

    Have heard back from the unit and it seems it is hoped/imagined that all that's required is the forms filled in and processed and that it is unlikely I will have to go and do all the selection rigmarole again (apart from a Medical which I fully understand)...

    but they are not entirely sure on this point - whether it will mean selection all again, or just a paper-filing exercise?

    anyone know where this decision is likely to rest?

    [PS - the other side of the coin, about the 'resignation' of my original commission in the first place is one that I can inquire about at a later date.]