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I apologise if this this post should have been within the AOSB section.. I was a tad unsure so have just created a new post.
Basically I am a 2nd year Adult nursing student hoping to join the Army as a Nursing officer in the QARANC. I have been in touch with the Army since I was around 15 but aside from this have no military experience. I have my acquaint this month and would love for anyone to shed some light on the itinerary for the 2 day visit!? I am aware of the fitness element to a degree, although I am somewhat confused as to what the requirements are, I initially thought this involved 2 minute sit-up test in which 50 sit-ups is the minimum, 21 press-ups and a 1.5mile run in under 12/13 minutes. Consequently I've been training for this but have now heard that it may not be the 1.5mile run but alternatively the bleep test (my worst enemy!). Can anyone help me out please? Also at present I can fulfil the above requirements well all aside from the press-ups; I can do 8 now and could do none at the beginning of my training.. does an inability to reach 21 press-ups immediately warrant not passing regardless of whether I can excel in the other areas? Any tips for improving drastically on my press-ups or is it just a case of practice makes perfect?
Thank you for your time guys, very much look forward to any replies to help settle my apprehension!

Depends on what this 'acquaint' really is. When I went to a Sandhurst open day, many moons ago, we did the PFT (1.5 mile rather than beep test) but no record of scores was kept (that I know of). However, that wasn't nursing so I can't really comment on your thing specifically.

The one I did wasn't a test - there was no pass / fail, it was simply a couple of days mooching around looking at stuff. Going by the name "Acquaint", I would guess that that is what you have, but like I said, no certainties.

As for itinerary, they will send you Joining Instructions which will have one. Expect a bit of phys, a couple of talks from serving officers, couple of activities...

Phys specifically: You say 8 pressups - is this in a row, or in two minutes? (you can stop, rest, and then go again, if you so choose. The two minutes is yours to deal with how you like)
Yeah I believe it is like you said an opportunity to gain an insight into Army expectations etc.. so I'm aware it's more of a 'do your best' type thing but what with all these cuts and things I really want to (as I'm sure everyone does) stand out and illustrate how much potential I have and thus make the Army think I'm a absolutely awesome candidate for the AOSB (Big dreams I know ha!)
8 press-ups in a row is my best as of yet yeah, so that I NEED to work on. I've always been really active and fit but my sports have been Netball, girls football, cross country athletics ect.. nothing with upper body strength so my arms are so spindly! Thats good to know that I can stop, recuperate and go again as that fills me with a bit more confidence that I can surpass my 8 in 2minutes!
Also, if you don't mind me asking did you have any military experience before you joined? As I've already said i've had none though I am applying to help out at Army cadets nearby but how else would you recommend learning the basics of the Army, ranks etc..?
Thankyou HUGELY for you quick reply I really really appreciate it!
I've not joined yet, I'm in the same position as you (at uni, waiting to join), just a lot further along the recruitment trail.
You can learn ranks etc by going on wikipedia. Something I have been doing at uni is Officers Training Corps. Like the Army Cadets, but for students. 'Tis fun.
Ahhh sweet.. yeah I've looked into the UOTC's but my University doesn't have one, the nearest is Southampton! So what role is it your hoping to fulfil and what stage are you at.. have you been awarded a cadetship or officer bursary at all?
Fair enough. Some people do travel a hella-long way for OTC, I think there's a point where it becomes unworkable.
Looking to go infantry, got an AOSB pass.


You'll be better off posting this in Prof Qualified section where it deals with QARANC, RAMC etc.

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