Re: 2nd Med Brigade-What does it do?

It used to be called Med Group, and its HQ is based in York.

It has OPCOM of all Role 3 TA medical units (ie the TA Field Hospitals) and a number of the specialist units (such as the Ambulance Train Group - yep, they're still around!).

The Role 1 and 2 TA belong to HQ LAND.


Oh thats me wrong then! I thought they spent their time making the TA paper Operational, by their magic number crunching! How many Fd Hosps? I dont think so!
Well if it was sarcasm, it was misplaced.

2 Med Bde are increasing the utility of the TA by finally getting to grips with exactly who is out there being paid by us, and how we can use them if necessary. I've seen some of the work being done, and we now have a pretty good idea of which individuals within the TA (Role 3) are deployable, and where they are. They've already compulsorily mobilised a number of consultants to fill gaps in the operational orbat earlier this year.

As for how many Field Hospitals, if you dont understand how the cadre system works, then dont comment on it. No one is suggesting that we have 10 deployable TA Field Hospitals (or eleven if you count 306). Thats not how the AMS TA works. Each TA Field Hospital acts as a nucleus for recruiting and training personnel, which then provides a manning pool which can be mobilised for three purposes:

1. As individual reinforcements/augmentees.

2. To backfill and reinforce the Regular Fd Hospitals.

3. To make up a TA Fd Hospital based around the Headquarters of one of the two High Readiness TA Fd Hospitals (207 and 202).

Im curious. What is your gripe with 2 Med Bde?


I have no gripe with the Med Bde, I am just mystified in the mission it sets it self. The whole Corps knows are shortfalls, thats why we have a 3 Star Engineer sat next to the SG and a 2 star WAFU as head of the new DMTO organisation.      

As a serving soldier who has served in 2 cadre Fd Hosps and as a PSI in a TA Fd Hosp, I fully grasp the 'cadre' concept and its methods, probably more than Mr Rupert does. I am trying to tease out that the Med Bde has a task to mobilise Fd Hops from a pool of expertise that isnt always going to be there! TA Consultants that are resigning almost daily. I have seen on the recent Bde Ex that the DSCA (I know its changing) has major difficulties in reinforceing its Field commitments, let alone getting a TA Fd Hosp out. (I know the TA got one hospital deployed but I wont bore with those details)
All true - but without an organisation like 2 Med Bde to try to coordinate the use of the AMS TA, things would be even worse.

At the moment, a new database of all AMS TA personnel is being established which not only lists everyone's military qualifications, but also their civilian medical qualifications and current civilian job within the NHS. This will allow better targeting of reservists to line serials within an orbat. It's already allowed them to identify who is potentially deployable, and in what role, throughout the Role 3 personnel. The next step is to identify potentially useful roles (if any) for those who's skills are not obviously transferrable (eg - is a breast surgeon who joins the TA any use to us? What exactly are his transferrable skills?).

As for the difficulty in fielding a TA Fd Hosp - ironically it will always be more difficult to deploy TA for an exercise than for ops. An exercise requires volunteers, whereas contigency planning for the use of the TA in any potential forthcoming ops envisages compulsory mobilisation.

DSCA had many problems in meeting its obligations to provide secondary care personnel to the regular field hospitals, but this situation is likely to improve with the creation of DMETA, and the transfer of responsibility for peacetime healthcare provision to a directorate in the new Defence Medical Services Department (formerly SGD).

Interestingly, this whole area is likely to be a higher priority over the next couple of years. The new 3 Star, DCDS(H), has shown a great interest in the management of medical reserves. Also, the recent MQR report stressed that the DMS needed to get to grips with personnel information management throughout the DMS, but especially for the reserves.

2 Med Bde have a difficult job, I grant you. But it has to be done, and I genuinely think that they're getting there.

(God, I sound like a salesman!)

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