RDs and their roster. What is the point?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by trouble_maker, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Seriously, I’m not trying to get a bite or a load of brained washed morons whinging but, what is the point of the Regimental Duties personnel and their roster?

    Do we really need a load of people who aren’t any good at their trade and don’t have enough balls to go and play with the infantry, holding back the corps from being the modern forward thinking cap badge it could be?

    Does it take someone who has no real purpose within the corps to tell me to get a hair cut or polish my boots? Can’t an equal rank, but traded FoS or yos tell me to do that?

    How much time and money could be saved by not employing these people?

    With the money saved, what equipped and protected vehicles could we get, and therefore save more lives in theatre if we just got rid of them?

    In this current climate of budget cuts and streamlining how long before someone high up sees this outrageous waste of money for what it is.

    As I said at the start, I not trying to p anyone off and I’m more than happy to get back in my box in the unlikely event, someone can prove to me what is the point of them actually is.
  2. If a YofS or FofS has nothing better to do than worry about haircuts and boots, what on earth are we paying them for?
  3. stunning picture jimmys best mate however I think you missed the point. surely boots, haircuts and all that rubish is such a trivial matter that a fos/yos could still have the time to have a quick word while on their way to doing their more important work of actually having work to do.
  4. Not good at their trade, what a load of rubbish, some of us have no career path past SSgt.

    There is much more to being an SSM than boots and haircuts, and as for FoS/YoS having a word they are too busy in the bar calling everyone mate and trying to bag a slinky LCpl :p
  5. Location "Cable Pit" hmmmm. Well if no techs/operators need driving around or cables need laying or blankets need stacking I believe the RLC have a few careers for you guys.

    That way you chaps would have a job/career path and probably feel like you're contributing a bit as well.

    RLC fill their gapped posts, well get rid of our dross. Win win.
  6. Never heard this one before, RD is needed because a lot of time promoted trade personnel could not organise a piss up in a brewery :)

    Someone has to teach corps specific soldiery things and also keep you up to date on whatever you need keeping up to date with .Yes get a tech and make him a training wing bod for 3 years, how much will technology have passed him by? just one thing that springs to mind.

    In fact no your right get rid of the dross as you say it.and crack on with all the duties, courses, and maintain your trade at all times. or as you say take a few infantrymen away from their units, to cover what's needed RD wise I am sure their battalions wont mind losing experienced guys to teach the Corps. :p
  7. When did Telemechs start doing all that?
  8. Obvious troll is obvious tbh :)
  9. I've been thinking about this recently too and although I not fully commited to trouble_makers opinion just yet I do see where he is coming from.

    I attached to the RA where I'd say about 90% of there "RD" staff are also tradesman. My BSM for example is also a FST commander and on H10 last year thats all he did, he even came back to BSN with flowing locks and mutton chops at the EOT. Most of the BSMs and other WO2s have completed the GCC (Gunnery Career Course(I think)) which is comparable to our supervisory courses but they just slip back into regimental life and crack on with both roles.

    Of course, the RAs trades aren't as technical as ours but with the amount of firepower a FST can wield the commanders and acks need to stay on top of their game and can't just settle back into RD life when back in unit.


    (The 90% was from what I have seen in my unit, I stand by to be corrected if somebody actually knows a better number)
  10. Obviously a troll. I look forward to an appropriate response fro E-layer, down under!
  11. thought you may have been a driver/lineman/storeman/random odd job man. my mistake.

    What TEQ are tele mechs in these days?

    If we can have actual trained chefs/medics/Recce mechs/armourers/QMSI's etc to do our cooking, handing out tubey grips, tow away broken rovers, repair weapons, run gyms. Why can't we have actual trained soldiers to do actual soldiery things.

    It would probably be quite a nice posting for them. The more I think about it the better it is. the corps gets current and up to date mil skills and the wider army community get to see the corps first hand and make an informed opinion of us (better of worse).

    That way if you have any non operator/tech trades that want a career past SSgt you have the ideal chaps to speak with before you clear off and any of the decent infantry guys can come over.

    Win win again. god I'm on a roll tonight.

    by the way I have been on a piss up in a brewery organised by a yos. everyone got drunk, so I think that counts as a success.
  12. 1st moot point, Dir Inf wants his blokes in the fight not in the Corps doing their dirty laundry!

    2nd moot point nothing would change an RD warrant is still an RD warrant regardless of E1 or E2 Corps or Inf and you will still have to get your sideys up and hair cut!

    As previous threads show its just a dig at the Badge etc, all you would do is remove career progression from those in your own Corps who cannot go supervisory.
  13. There is already an organisation that gets other people to do all their non trade business. It is called the RAF. They do their trade, and that is all. They do not get to do any military instructor or adventure training instructor courses. In order to do anything outside of their trade job description they have it done for them. This means they are outstanding at their trade but do not get to develop in other areas which the Royal Corps does well.

    If you remove the drive to better yourself outside of trade, you remove the drive and desire to be a soldier and the MoD might as well contract out Military Comms. Everyone will be poorer for it.

    Taking care of our own business at all levels not just WO level benefits the abilities of the Supervisory and RD rosters. It prepares potential YofS and FofS for these roles by providing a knowledge base in military skills and structure. It is also better to have members of the Corps occupy RD who are driven and want to organise events, AT, Battle Camp to the best of their ability than an unmotivated infantry WO2 passing through on a 2 year tour to take a break from his battalion where his alligience lies.
  14. bloody hell theknave, you've nearly put me back in my box. Nearly.
    my main gripe with the whole rd thing isn't really the job that they do, it's more they interfere and **** up comms related issues (the corps primary purpose of being) and generally get in the way off things that really has nothing to do with them.

    I've worked with the Int Corps, god bless em and even they can utilise their manpower to have a traded person doing a job and the same person waving a stick around.

    It can't be just the RA and Int Corps that successfully manage their human resources and create less finacial and manpower wastage. Or are most capbadges run this badly?

    Basically it seems the corps is run by RD's for RD's.

    Jumping on bandwagons is one thing. Not knowing your place and trying steer the thing is completely unacceptable.
  15. What a load of rubbish, quantify that statement with evidence. You really are spouting a load of tripe now.