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Discussion in 'RAC' started by MJ-RDG, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. now then lads ermm where to begin... i joined the good old british army last year got half way through phase 1 had a few majour family problems decided to go through the whole DAOR route, a year later iv gone to sign back up, im waiting on the careers office to get back in contact to send me back down to winchester ATR, im still planning on joining RDG ( got to love them bright green trousers ) so i was just curious if anyone could give me abit of info on the sort of roles and what the regiment get upto and the lads there, iv read most of the posts in here and was told there off on / are already on a tour now in iraq, and there moving bak to the uk soon jus down the road from me been a leeds lad myself, so if anyone could drop me a few lines on here or perhaps on msn it would be greatly appreciated


    cheers ! :D :roll:
  2. anyone??? :( :(
  3. thankyou kind sir much appreciated !
  4. RDG will be back from TELIC 11 and in Catterick by mid-Aug 2008.
  5. Try this link, it takes you to our Regimental forum. It is mainly populated by us ex-4/7DG but there are a few of the lads serving with the Regiment in it's current format who post. There is also regular updates from Iraq etc.
    Good luck in your endeavour.
  6. MJ, I know what you mean about the trousers, you have got to love them, fine piece of history!!

    As heavycav says, the regiment is split at the minute, some did a half tour due to not being needed in theatre and came back to strengthen the rear party (and boost bar profits). The rest of the regiment is due back in the next few weeks, after some much earned POTL, they will then start the painful task of packing up and moving back to Catterick ready to put the flag up at the back end of summer. It will all be worth it in the end, prodominently northern regiment based in the North of England.... gotta be a good thing!! :clap:
  7. Busted, there's a problem with the amazing forums site at the moment and we all seem to be frozen out.

    So we have to just wait out until we get to know the problem and whether or not we will be getting a new forum for the RDG's.
  8. There's nowt wrong with the RDG forum matey, I've just been on it :wink:

  9. WTF??? Somebody's wahing you mate - you wanna hand those in and get the proper dark green ones... :wink:
  10. it was certainly something that was voted against pre-amalgamation :pukel:

  11. ... only by one half of those concerned. Thankfully good taste won the day! :wink:

    The blue hat on the other hand...

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum