RDG or QRH (So Recce or MBT)

Got a good month until selection, considering a change of regiment choice.
Been set on going QRH, since I love the idea of working with the CR2 and the German basing. But from all the lads I've spoken to about it, German basing isn't all it's cracked up to be (I won't get long there anyway because of the withdrawal) and I'd barely be working with the CR2 anyway because of the costs. That, and a lot of people are saying how MBT are obsolete now, so I would never get to go on ops with them.

So I've been thinking about changing my 1st choice to RDG (local reg, got mates in there too). Main question is will I be working with CVRT often, compared to the rare use of CR2? I know recce also do a lot of dismounted work as infantry, that doesn't bother me, I think I'd like the change of scenery.

Sorry if this is a bone question lads.

EDIT: Bit unrelated but also heard from one lad that QRH failed their pre-deployment checks for HERRICK, is that true? Don't want to join a sloppy reg.

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