Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shelley246, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. anybody know anybody in either reg.

    ...... they been to germany a few years ago... just trying to get in touch as i lost all the number ... i am movin house too often i guess

    Did they gang bang you?
  3. naaah sorry ... they didnt just that i havent seen them for ages and wanted to get back in touch....btw dont like gang bangs...i never share :lol:
  4. Shelley - you really need to take those names off. Read the sticky about persec on the Naafi Bar main page.
  5. done u need to edit reply darlin
  6. Already done, can't believe I forgot to do it when I first posted :oops:
  7. relly didnt know u r not allowed to mention names on here .... :oops:
  8. I know a fella in the Scots Dragoon Guards. Jock. Anybody else know him??? OOOPs
  9. Did he used to hang round with Smudge and Geordie? Wore green a lot, short hair?
  10. That's the fella. SSSSSSHHHHHH. PERSEC!!!
  11. Ahh yes i know him too. LOL