RDG- Loved It!!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Pieeater, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Anyone out there from RDG Land? I spent the best three years of my VM career there! The lads where great, and the hierarcht too. Shit with Johnny Combat but when Col Tim took over it was great. I left six months ago to go go to the the planks (shite), so hopefully you might remember the obnoxious VM stripey from A Sqn Fitters.
    All the best RDG, wish I could come back because I miss Spanish, Digger and Rodde but to mention a few. Will you please take me back I can't be arseed with planks because I love my tanks.

  2. Best REGT i have had the pleasure to serve with, will be very sorry to leave.

    PM for more mate. ( i'm not reme by the way but know most of them )

    Edit.......the blokes you mentioned have moved up in the world as well!!
  3. Served with the RDG (LAD D sqn Ftrs) from 93-96 whilst they were in Paderborn. Best Regt excellent lads, then 1RTR turn up ,all change!!!
  4. elo mate, im glad you enjoyed your time with us. i love it here and wouldnt have it any other way