RDG at Wootton Bassett today (22nd July)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Balderdash_and_Piffle, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. This thread will probably become quite abusive towards me but I am determined to have my say - with the agreement of those around me but were too far away to take action.

    Members of the RDG and guests: I thought the behaviour of you people outside the pub in Wootton Bassett this afternoon was disgraceful! As the bell tolled and the town and assembled crowds fell silent, all could be heard was the drunken banter and joviality from the RDG crowd gathered and drinking outside!

    The bereaved friends and relatives were looking in your direction, totally bewildered and visibly shocked as everyone else stood silently, along with the local community who started this simple but respectful observance of silence as the hearses passed through their town centre.

    I give full marks to the RBL Standard Bearer who broke ranks and called you to order!

    It may have the way your deceased colleague wanted it, but it was clearly not wanted by the others!

    Hang you heads in shame!!
  2. I was not there (unfortunately) so cannot comment on the behaviour, but no one can reasonably condone such disrespect.

    Suggest you write / email to the OC Rear Party of the RDG. Assuming they do not already know, I have no doubt they will investigate and take swift action to bring the culprets to task.
  3. Although I was also not able to be there, I have brought this thread to the attention of the OC rear party who will look into it.

    Please rest assured that no disrespect would have been intended and to a man every member of the Regiment present and past would feel appalled that any of our number might have caused some unintended offence.
  4. Thank you for your words and support Joe90x and Rogerout.

    Having re-read my post 2 hours later, I do not regret what I've said and would not change anything.

    Again, thank you.
  5. I'm quite surprised at this (I was going to type aghast), we all know that send offs can turn into a major catch up/p1sh up and that's the silver lining on a sad occasion.

    But if you arrive early and meet some muckers/sink a few for old times' sake...

    At least have the decency to STFU/be unobtrusive as the occasion gets under way.

    I'm sorry, I agree with previous posters here.

    I didn't know the lads, have no connection with RDG etc., but those lads were out of order.
  6. There is a time and a place I suppose.....but life goes on!

    Its not as though it is a military parade....is it?

  7. Funny how things get reported, from those including RDG officers who were at the pub and others who report no behaviour as quoted above, apart from one loud voice as silence fell, which tme went quiet. Two sided to all tales.
  8. As Commander has alluded to, it would seem that the RDG elements have been singled out here for merely being in the last area to fall silent at the sounding of the bells. No disrespect was intended or it seems taken. It transpires that there were senior members of the RDG in the vicinity of the pub in question who have said that the area was effectively silent before the outriders reached that area and certainly before the arrival of the cortege.

    I have PM'd the original poster asking him to remove this thread or justify his accusations, he has done neither. I can only assume that he is unable to substantiate his very public allegations against a Regiment which has written itself an excellent reputation since its amalgamation in 1992 and who's members are paying the highest sacrifice.

    It does seem strange that the OP has made only 27 posts in 5 years on ARRSE, it might suggest that he/she is probably one of those hand grenade posters, one who pulls the pin and walks away. More likely, Balderdash and Piffle is probably the pseudonom of a more regular poster who prefers to hide behind an anonymous ID when seeking to cause insult or injury anonymously. It is also strange that not one other person has posted here to substantiate the allegations made, whilst on the RDG site serving soldiers who were there have denied that any improper behaviour took place.

    I would request that the MOD's delete this thread and so remove the unsubstantiated smear on the Regiment which Balderdash and Piffle has executed.
  9. I have no particular axe to grind on this and I wasn't at WB either, but my view, for what it's worth, is that you've over-done your protest.
    If I was forced to make a choice based solely on what I've read here, I'd be no less inclined to believe the original posting after reading your points- Sorry, but that's my opinion.
  10. As you clearly state you were not at WB why did you feel the need to comment, Rogerout is obviously passionate about his regiment and the reputation it has. Lets leave the comments to those that were there.

  11. I thank contributors for their contributions and I am grateful that this thread has not descended into common abuse or strayed completely from the original point, a common occurrence here on the ARRSE. Also the reason why I am a Part time ARRSE’er!

    My initial post was a written representation of my feelings at Wootton Bassett that afternoon, backed up by a resentment that developed during the journey home. When I got home, I then put my views openly on the ARRSE, perhaps with hindsight, not without a degree of bad temper!

    However, I reiterate; the families and friends of those repatriated (particularly those there to honour their loved one in the first hearse) and many others across the road including the RM Guard of Honour were, in my opinion clearly and visibly disturbed by the sound of revelry coming from the ale house long after the bell had started tolling, which, though unwritten, is generally accepted as the cue for all to come to order and compose themselves for what we are there for. (My words and interpretation and I welcome further debate). Eventually, a member of the RBL Standard Bearers party (Wearing a RRW? Cap Badge) broke ranks and went and spoke to the assembled throng outside the pub, after which (and I give credit for this) the noise subsided and order was restored. And those two facts cannot be denied by anyone who was there watching.

    I have no issues and reasons to "have a go at the RDG" and, like many was very saddened to hear of further losses in AFG that day, including James Stenton, another member of your fine Regiment, the predecessors of which I have served alongside as an ATO in NI and have clashed heads in the scrum on the Rugby field over the years!

    Am I being over-sensitive and perceiving a lack of respect that was not actually there? I don’t know – all I do know is I felt sufficiently agitated upon my return home and felt the need to do something. At that precise moment in time, the ARRSE seemed the perfect vehicle for such a rant!

    To all who have made the supreme sacrifice, I pray that their sacrifice not be in vain and that they rest in peace and love.
  12. Dry your eyes princess, just because you don't like it doesn't make it wrong, it seems that you have misinterpreted the events in any case.
  13. I have emailed the Moderator and requested that this thread be deleted.

    However, while I do not wish to cause further embarrassment to the RDG, I do stand by my version of events.

    It was all Blair's fault anyway!
  14. Then why did you email the mods to have this thread removed?
  15. Because that is what I've been politely asked to do in an exchange of PMs. I've had my say and I'm happy to draw a line. Also, if left open, it will deteriorate and stray so far off the point that it will become irrelevant, as per the majority of ARRSEE Threads.