RDG anyone??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bikini_state_babe, May 21, 2005.

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  1. Was wondering if anyone is RDG or ex-RDG? Trying to track down some dirt on a Sgt Major who was transferred from the regiment just over a year ago. Promise its not for malicious black-mail, just a bit of light hearted entertainment for his dining out dinner. He said he has pleanty of dirt from his regiment but reckoned i would never be able to get anything on him. Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anyone, who might know anything.
  2. my brother in law is ill ask him for you
  3. I'm ex-RDG, who would you like to ask about?
  4. Ex 4/7 matey, who you on about :toilet:
  5. I am actually Ex-4/7 RDG as well, was pointed to this site from the RDG association forum.

    I joined the 4/7 RDG's in '87 and left the RDG's in '98
  6. do you still need the dirt on this chap? im serving in the RDG
  7. after a year i doubt it