Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I am new to arrse, I opened my account today. I was horrified to read the thread entitled Bull****ers, it appeared to me that it became an out and out character assassination of the RS trade and in particular a certain SSgt in the Corps.

    I think that arrse is a cracking sounding board for us squaddies to do what we do best (moan), but come on guys, play the game!

    What I would like to do is hear your comments about the RS roll, maybe there has been other threads on this subject (new today as I said). I think they are an ok bunch, maybe a bit weird, drill square bashing, green to the bone, crazy mixed up kids, but hey.... it takes all sorts. :twisted:
  2. I disagree. What you read in the thread was actually a character assassination of a particular person who HAS done 95% of the things on that thread, which is totally inexcusable for a SSgt in the Corps. We were not slagging off the RS role at all. Just to put you straight on that mate. :)
  3. RS: Top geezers
    RD: Wan***s
    TSS: Your guess is as good as mine

    The bad old days of the RD is all but gone, RS got it right. A certain ex DEME(A) killed the roll, now they are trying to re-invent the wheel!
    Are tech stmn the right folk to carry on the RS motion?..... Watch this space.
  4. Ive known some extremely good RS and havent a problem with them from basic trg, SMC and Im in contact with quite a few ex serving and still serving RS as stated in that thread. Having known the said pr*ck previously he has deserved this has he tried to intimidate people beacause of his standing. Cant say things about the wings etc though as he wasnt wearing them when I saw him last year.
    Just to say excellent staff on my basic, JMC and SMC and couldnt fault them.
  5. I agree with most of the guys on this one, as the saying goes, "you make your bed....you lie in it!!"

    I think all you RS guys are tops, if I could have my time again !!!
  6. I concur methilman! :wink:
  7. Just been talking to a lad who has just been on the course run by said bloke and he says that he wasnt bad at all. Maybe leopards do change their spots and I suppose that if he is doing a good job you have got to give the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Maybe all the hot water has cleansed his soul! :lol:

  9. I know the answer to this NO! :x

    Whoever thought this one up needs hanging by the gonads and flagulating with a whip antenna! The basic jist of this, is that there will be two "career" streams within the CEG, MTI and Stores, BUT with the option to swap between the 2 if the individual wishes(or when the Corp runs out of people to fill either!).Also ,there are E2 driver posts in Btn's to be filled.
    The first posting will be as a Storeman, but obtaining MTI type quals whilst there.(when do you do stores work,quals then?)the next posting could be ,well, anywhere in either role apparentley. On JCLM/SCLM, this CEG, according to my well placed sources, will be looked at more intently than others.Not exactly fair if you are a 100% Stmn, is it?
    Also, it would be interesting to find out how much input the Senior Warrant Officers from the CEG's involved have had.I was talking to one a while back and he was as much in the dark as I was.The corp is pretty poor at understanding G4 at the best of times (well,according to the S03 Log Sup @ Div HQ we are!) so I personally can't see how this is going to provide the solution to the "Oh,bollocks,we got rid of all our MTI's, so how can we bring back RS without looking a twat?" problem.
    Most of the junior Stores lads I've spoken too, would welcome the chance to get the odd spec qual but not take up the MTI role. RS did that bloody well.It worked.It shouldn't have been changed. =(

  10. Well said and couldnt agree more(No names mentoined ehh) :roll:
  11. Thanks Oldage, pity the clowns who actually believe they don't need RD/RS can't see the obvious advantages.
  12. On posting into a Cav Regt as a full screw VM (1980's) I discovered I had been loaded on the 1st Aid Instructor course at the Medics Depot. Kin hell I thought what a jiffing, two weeks in Keogh Bks with all those shirt-lifting medics.

    Actually worked in my favour for the rest of my career, both Regular then on pensioning I became a STAB for another 7 years. When everybody was running round like a blue arsed flie doing all their ITD's, there I was running the 1st Aid tests/incidents. Usually a bit of horse trading was carried out to ensure all Instructors got their passes on the other ITD's.

    Thats only my opinion, but hey thats what happened.

    Cheers Nobby
  13. What is the problem with heads of sheds? We can all see whats going/gone wrong, so why can't they...... they are supposed to be the grown ups..... top 10% and all that :?
  14. Too true mental, check your PMs as well when you are not too busy looking busy !!! :p
  15. I was born busy Methilman, whats your excuse!