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Don't you feel that all Techs should go FofS or there ceiling is SSgt and the same for Operators who should go YofS. The REME's do it for VM's.

Dvrs and ED's could then be MTWO's, Trg Wng WO's and SSM's

Storeman should be the RQMS's, SSM's

But the Corp loves Techs and Operators and would do anything to keep them in, therefore they get all the opportunities to follow many career paths even though some fail their selection cses.

Let the Combat Trades do the Combat Jobs and the Admin tasks that we do so very well.

Are us Combat Trades having our Human Rigts Abused.
shouldnt it be best man/woman for job regardless of trade if a tech dont want to or fails FofS s/he should be able to be sqms or get to ssm if s/he is the right wo/man for the job.
SKULL, wind your neck in.

The corps loves ops and techs because with out ops there is no core and without kit that works there are no ops.

We have all done BSS and can all lay cable and start a gene.


Shouldn't it be best person for the job. Not every tech wants to be a FofS or Op a YofS, you would end up with a fall in standard of these posts as people would effectively be forced into taking up this career choice and there are more people than jobs.

Other than that you seem to have an excellent arguement Skull ..........NOT!!!
I think you put your arguement quite badly skull. The example about the REME is something which i personally have thought wrong for years. Also not every Op is going to be an YofS/IS Supvr/Supvr Radio and not every tech will make FofS. Its then only fair and right that those soldiers have the opportunity to continue on the RD roster (My last 2 Sqn Sgt Maj's have been an ex tech and an ex DTG respectively, both were excellent). The RD roster isnt and shouldnt be just for ex "combat" trades. Those from the Op/Tech world who end up there and cant cut the mustard wont be promoted.

If a useless tech fails their FofS cse and wants to join the RD roster, let them hand back 2 tapes and get in line.?? 8O
Sorry Skull - a completely Bone statement to suggest that combat trades are more suitable or qualified for RD jobs.

Even MTWOs, SSMs & Trg WOs now need to have the ability to write in "Joiny up letters" - combat trades are more suited to trying to keep the crayons between the lines they are colouring in !

If you are doubting the make up of the RD world then perhaps a more radical approach suggested by some people recently would be to place - WO/SNCO infanteers into the RD/soldiering tasks. - After all we provided professional communicators via rear link dets to do their comms bits !
When a R Signals soldier chooses/is given a trade it isn't necessarily on aptitude or ability. It is often a "bums to seats" exercise resulting in a few being employed where they are not suited.
It would then be unfair for them to be forced into a supervisory role that they do not want to pursue. However if like so often, apathy is the reason for not taking the opportunity of following YofS/FofS I feel they should not be given the "default" option of the RD roster.
It is up to the man managers to identify the square peg in the round hole and advise him accordingly so as to give him the best chance of a full career and reduce the RD roster which is already clogged up with high quality SNCO's unable to get a decent chance.
Alboy's got a fair point there, the reason so many ex techs and Ops get so far on the RD roster is that they are, at the time of selection, better than the opposition. That is not to say that they are better than the combat trades in general, but they have done better on the selection board. If you honestly feel that you are not going places because of some techs and ops getting promoted ahead of you then maybe you should be looking inwards instead of blaming everyone else for your own inadequacies. Long word I know but ask someone to explain it skull. :twisted:
:? As a combat trade I have no problem with operators and Techs being employed on the RD roster or being promoted with less time served as long as it is on merit and not cos theve got their tounge burried up some rodneys arse. Im sure we all know a few candidates for the "look at me sir, arent I great" promotion board.
No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle...........even if they do say Jehovah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
Dgrade said:
:? As a combat trade I have no problem with operators and Techs being employed on the RD roster or being promoted with less time served as long as it is on merit and not cos theve got their tounge burried up some rodneys arse. Im sure we all know a few candidates for the "look at me sir, arent I great" promotion board.
Do you really believe that anyone can still get promoted beyond Sgt by Brown Nosin'........Do be brief.....I tried for years and failed because the system is designed to prevent it......Last 3 confidentials, at least 2 reporting officers, Unit grading board etc then the 'Anonymous' board at records. i don't think arse crawlin works anymore, unless you can prove otherwise of course. :twisted:
Obvously humour is lost on deep blue. Sorry mate I'll try and keep a straight face whilst on this site in the future!! :roll:
I say, pop that chap someone!!
Love it same old arguement comes round every 6 months

R D is Regimental Duties NOT Combat (ED LINE DRIVER OR OTHER Red Tab)
Do you remember the old Red Blue Yellow and Green tabs ??

Regimental Duties is a separate "Trade" open to all

If you cannot compete with the Techs and Ops only yourself to blame

People are forced into Trades due to latest recruit push by ACIO
most join to be soldiers and get a trade

Soldier = RD I know theres exceptions

Not all Techs/Ops want Supervisory
No intent want to soldier ie go on mil courses get involved in Battlecamps Do Lanyard trophy SAAM etc

Do not get bitter if they excel at your perceived "trade" it is on merit
get on the right courses and beat them is the way
I think anyone who wants to move out of trade into an RD Rosta must have a pretty sturdy look at themselves - the competition is far stiffer on the RD rosta than on the supervisory rosta (granted its not easy as a YofS/FofS/IS Sup but due to the high turnover the gaps are created).

The REME allows Regimental Specialists (their new name for Regimental Duties) to joing up from Craftsmen giving them a full career path. That said they take in a lot of transferees from Inf Regts.

Supervisory trades aren't for everyone ! Sometimes it takes failing the course to realise that - doesn't mean that you should have no further chance of promotion if you can still cut the mustard in another CEQ. The Corps does well to encourage it - after all where else are they gonna go ? - to another Corps perhaps !

I would much rather have my SSM tell me how to site a comms detachment than a hairy assed infanteer who's never seen a RRB let alone sited one !
Mafioso, I have seen nothing but honest comments/threads from you but, I do disagree on certain point's. I am a combat trade and proud but how many new tradesmen/women know what mafioso stands for. Also are your traditional meetings/functions dying out as are many of our's. This is something to sort out and not whinge about. Remember without our combine support no-one would operate. If that is on OP's or on shity low level exercise's. As a Corps let's grow up and be bold and strong as we have proven in many hostile area's.
Just as a little carrot, There are plent of FofS out ther who did'nt start as Techs and changed trade to become techs prior to becoming FofS, There is one of the best YofS in the Corps, who was an ED before re-trading to Op before passing the YofS course.
It works both ways, every one (depending on their career path) can cross over (if they push their employment officer) to a new role, YOU just have to make it happen and keep on pushing
A bone argument backed up by an even denser comment

If a useless tech fails their FofS cse and wants to join the RD roster, let them hand back 2 tapes and get in line.??
The FofS selection board represents the top of all SGT (How many tapes?) technicians in the Corps. They have proved themselves as technicians and that many choose not, or are unsuitable to take the managerial step of FofS training is no reflection on their ability as a technician. :roll:

This circular argument is propogated by a minority of low calibre individuals who would rather blame anyone rather than themselves for their own failure to get promoted.

The SSgt -WO2 RD board is the hardest in the Corps, ANYONE - with a few exceptions - who achieves promotion on it deserves it.

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