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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by speckygeek, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Although really a quetion for the RCMO I thought I would just test the opinion of all in here.

    I am at the point in my career where I need to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of it. Obviously there are 3 options but signing off is for the weak so that isnt going to happen. That leaves staying in trade or going RD.

    Alot can be said for both, but and this is big but, which one to choose. As you can probably guess I am an IS Eng, if this whole IS/Tech merge happens and as I have been hearing the Sup/FofS is merging then the decision will be made for me, as there is no way in this world I will be able to make up for the 30 months training that the Tech has gone through before the FofS entrance. That said if needs must then I am hoping some sort of course will be available for the knowledge gap to be filled.

    I have looked at the pro's and con's of each but I would like to hear other peoples opinions on the subject. If any of the information regarding the trades merging is incorrect then please let me know.
  2. Signing off is for the weak??? Laugh - I nearly trebled my wage in civvy street
  3. SG,

    Leaving is like death and Taxes. It will happen sooner than you ever expected.
  4. Remember that the corps is likely to start handing out VEng deals to people shortly and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few WO2 in-trade jobs popping up in DII/FD and so on. So there are options other than the managerial route - just a bit vague at the moment. My own personal opinion is that imminent merging of trades into the CS Engr will very probably mean the eventual demise of the Supvr (IS), but probably a good 5 - 10 years in the distance. So, Speckygeek, by that time I would expect you to have had a crack at Supvr selection.
  5. If your mind is set on RD then you need put yourself in for PD19 (recruiting and training).

    It is not the hardest route to follow but absolute nails to be succesful on.

    As IS are a pinch point I would be suprised if the CofC did not bend over backwards to keep you in trade. Im sure your will still do just fine even when the trades start to blur together.

    Good luck.
  6. I am in a trade that I have no optition other than to go RD.

    I dont regret joining as what I did, however, with hindsight, I may have been better served to join a trade with a supervisory role.

    Going RD is fine up untill SSgt, then you go into the big melting pot for WO2.

    Some sound advice has been given out here, if you decide to stay in give IS Supr a bash then if its not for you jump over to RD.
  7. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Going IS is like getting stabbed in the harris.

    Pinch point trade, raped constantly wether on operations or normal piece time location.

    No incentives in place to keep IS Engineers in. Keep raping people and they will leave as they get sick of having a gaping Arrsehole!!

    The Corps claims there is no retention problems so until they wake up and smell the coffee then we will be continously overstretched.

    SG is this the way you want to go - go one treat yourself
  8. You're getting miserable in your old age Ski! To quote that eminent philosopher, Jon Bon Jovi, you gotta keep the faith. Global domination and all that.
  9. Well its nice to know the grass isn't always greener................
  10. SKI!! Glad to see that you are happy and content as always!! :D :D
  11. When you look at the money that contractors get, who are paid to fill the gaps we cant man; you realise how valuable an assett all R sigs trades have. I guess what the ysstem has to recognise is that ultimately soldiers are working for themselves / their families and that unless the achievement of qualifications is complimented by increase in pay to match civilian comparators - blokes will leave.
  12. Just left and walked into a job from the IS Engr trade. If you have a family and commitments you need to stay in trade (IMHO). Going RD will only really pay off if you get RSM & commission. Staying in trade assures you of a job outside as your pension alone will not keep you going!

    Like a previous poster said, the time to leave will come up one day and unless you have something transferrable you will find life outside very difficult. Look long term.
  13. But it still only delays the inevitable. The LE community (RD and trade) has been having a bit of an exodus in the last 2 or 3 years.

    Anyway mate, imagine your prospects if you'd stayed RHA all those years ago?
  14. I'm trying to go RD myself. As a full screw its just as hard if not harder to go RD as it is for SSgt to get picked up for WO2. I'm an operator, yet despite everything i've said, written or just generally ranted and raved about, i no longer want to be in comms, so i've spent months and months doing mil skills qualifications, only for them to post me to Sysex. You'll be competing against every single Combat trade NCO in the Corps. Records and Blandford are going to fill Pot RD posts with them first, giving the rest of us the shaft as usual. If you're a tradesmen and don't want comms, they'll stick you in the relic pile, no doubt till they start doling out the brown letters again next year. Bitter? Yes i am! Stick to what you're doing, it'll pay off in the end
  15. Without wishing to put words into your mouth, if you feel a bit of a second class citizen, why don't you seriously consider transferring into something where you would be "mainstream", maybe like Guards or Para Regt. Another option is to consider something like SAS or SD, where you always have the option of coming back in a few years and very probably straight into RD. The transfer option is always a difficult one, as we all have "brand loyalty" drilled into us, however if you feel that they're not meeting you halfway then maybe some other mob can!