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Discussion in 'RLC' started by nashz911, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. im interested to know if the RCT still.:

    Basic Training at Aldershot, Buller barracks i believe.
    Driver Training at Leconfield (i think)
    Wether TM´s and MK´s and PIGS are still driven.
    Is my Stalwart now an Oldtimer (and can still rev it up going through a german town and then letting an almighty Blast and flame out and scare the lokals- good fun)
    Hessian ist used as a skirt round my lorry (to stop me being Bombed !!)
    Being used as a target for american Tankbuster Planes in my lorry.

    what happened to 21Sqn B Troop 3 Div ind Duisburg.

    they may seem boring questions, but my best time i had was in the army and it hard to forget them times.
    i cant remember my Mobile number but i can still remember my Army No. Scary !!!

    If any ones knows me please get in touch.
  3. What website has these photos ?
  4. Found It !!
  5. Sad that everything has gone.


    Thanks Mate.