POC Troop was harder than ROWCO

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Anyone here survive the RCT/RAOC Potential Officers Candidate Troop????? Any soldiers out there remember laughing at those on the course?

Was it harder than ROWCO? (hard question as you'd have to be pretty unlucky to do both!)

I rang the Beasting Bell at Buller Barracks in 1990 and managed to survive.

Clearly it was a good course that provided much needed filtration looking at the product! Just had the worlds biggest CNUT turn up who was a graduate of an RCT POC.

It does present the question as to why we run no such course, is it because we'll take anyone?
Prefect....... In my defence, they did change it a couple of courses after me and they even let girls on the course!!!!!!!!!!! (no more beastings there then)

To be honest, it didn't help one little bit for RCB - the DS treated you like scum and so you turned up to RCB thinking like scum, winning combination.

And by the way........ that was my only brush with the 'Dark Side' of the Corps - before seeing the light and steering towards blankets and bombs.

Did course 64. Bloody big wake up call. Had been on several fam visits before then with various units where we stayed in the Mess, got pissed and generally had a great time. So anyway get this invitation to go on a 'Potential Officer Course'. Sounds great, my civvy job was sh1t and 7 weeks of cutting around boozing and getting paid sounded fine.

Was I in for a shock. Within 5 minutes of walking in the gates at Buller I realised that someone had truly fecked up. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was me and that I had signed up for this madness, voluntarily!

Taught me an important lesson, 'time spent on recce is never wasted'.
I completed the penultimate course that they ran at Buller, then helped out on the final course whilst waiting for my RCB, which I promptly failed!

Damn good fun though. Nothing like leaping off bridges, being beasted to hell and back and generally being the subject of the DS mercy!

Not to mention getting down to Tregantle under own steam. Harbour Lights at Torpoint, blinder of a place, even the mud runs. Ended up pulling a friend of a local and sneaking back in to the Fort. Excellent memories!

In fact, as I recall them, the DS wouldn't have been out of place in the Foreign Legion

Still, a thoroughly enjoyable time

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