RCT Double Decker at Checkpoint Charlie

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Jehu, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Bit desperate this one, and I'm a saddo - I know! I'm trying to trace the identity of this Royal Corps of Transport bus but have only these two partial views to go on. The pictures date from October 1987 and it seems to me like a Bussing DE73 (probably ex-BVG). Can anyone suggest a publication that might have further info eg reg no, colour scheme etc? I should have thought it would have been painted in the normal green of army vehicles, but I did find a reference on a chat website to its being blue with the RCT badge on the sides. From the pictures the bus seems to have the ROYAL CORPS OF TRANSPORT label in large block capitals, similar to those on the rolling stock of the British military train in Berlin.

    It's a long shot, I know! But any pointers would be much appreciated!

    http://www.western-allies-berlin.com/publications/newspapers/berlin-bulletin/Berlin-Bulletin-Volume-38-Issue-41.pdf (scroll down to page 2)

  2. The article says it is a PRI bus so it would not have been a military vehicle.
  3. 4 Div Regt RCT out of Glamorgan Bks Duisburg had a single-deck luxury coach painted in dk blue with corps insignia and lots of gold garters etc to tart it up even further. Rumour had it that it was gifted to the regt out of PRI funds by an outgoing RSM who therefore put the PRI into hock for the rest of the century :)
  4. I did respond to this via email and I'm fairly new to the forum, but it doesn't seem to have reached the site!
    Yes, I did wonder about that. Maybe this is one that should be directed towards the BFG registration office. I know they kept blocks of registrations for NAAFI, Wesley House, SSVC and similar welfare organisations, usually commencing with a Z.
  5. Many thanks for that. I wonder if it was the same shade as used on the RCT Berliner train. So it isn't just city bankers who were at it!
  6. I had a LCpl Hussey in my troop once a few years earlier than your pic - I wonder if its the same bloke? I also know someone who was in 62 at the time of your photo - I'll give him a shout and see if he can remember it.
  7. I was at 62sqn when the Squadron acquired the bus.

    I remember working on it, cleaning it up and making it fit for use by the Squadron.

    If i remember rightly it was gifted from the Berlin bus company, it was an old bus.

    I also remember L/cpl Hussey, i was only a driver at the time and dont remember the bus being on the road by the time i left.

    I was asked if i would take the test to be able to drive the bus, but it would have meant getting a tour extension and i'd had enough of Berlin after 2 years.
  8. I never thought I'd see that in print: " I'd had enough of Berlin after two years".

    I feel faint...
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  9. As i remember it, it was a lot of hard work as we were undermanned at the time.

    Dont get me wrong, enjoyed my time there, just ready to leave at the end of the posting.