hello everyone, i've got RSC soon. I can do the 1.5mile in about 11.10secs now. But the problem is, i'm really struggling with pulls ups. i cant even do a single one. could any one give me some advice on my sitiuatuion ie what would happen if i fail to complete a full push up . Also i've heard the warm up for the 1.5mile run is about a mile as well is this true and what does it involve. cheers
At lichfield the 1.5 miler was 2 laps of the track they set out, the warm up is one of these laps as a squad. I cant honestly answer about the pull ups, at my selection everybody got atleast one out. Best thing you can do is practice as much as possible, find a tree branch or a bar at your local park or something, i also found doing tricep dips at home in this very chair or on my couch infront of the TV helped. Just do them little and often.
Good luck
Here's a site that might be useful to you

Tips for Better Pullups

Oh, and I found that quitting smoking 2 weeks before RSC helped with the run too :D
Thermo_Man said:
Here's a site that might be useful to you

Tips for Better Pullups

Oh, and I found that quitting smoking 2 weeks before RSC helped with the run too :D
Really? I felt like absolute shite for about a month after i quit smoking, was coughing my guts up and wheezing like a right tw@t.
Flynn101 said:
At RSC Pirbright the warmup is 0.5 of a mile which is jogged/walked
I don't know what the distance for Pirbright is, but when I did it the warm up consisted of a light jog, if that, round one lap. It wasn't actually a full lap though as when we did it for real there was a lovely run across grass at the beginning and end, so the warm up probably was 0.5 of a mile.

I don't know how it is usually but don't expect the warm up to be just the light jog. We finished the warm up lap to then be told that we had to sprint to, round, and back from the rugby posts. All of this was of course aided by the 'don't fucking be the last man back' from the PTIs. That went down a treat on a cold January morn.
The trick is to start again straight after :)
Plus I was a wimp and used patches. It seemed to work, as I passed, but then i was wearing my lucky socks too so who knows?
Having said all that, after any excercise I would be coughing blue murder but during it i would be fine. Must be my superior paddy physiology,
T-rex, the officer at our RSC said that the only vital pass/fail excercises were the run and the Jerry can lift. The others are just an indication of your fitness. Having said that, I'm not sure how nice a Cpl PTI will be to you if you can't do 1 pullup. If your worried about the warm up run, why not include it into your training when your testing yourself. It is only a light jog, of about half a mile followed by streching, and not a Royal Marine recruit selection "warm up" were apparantly they really do fcuk you up.
Good luck.
sprjim said:
Nervous yet? Catterick's fcuking howling in the winter. Cancel that, all year round. Para Reg?
Nah worcestershire and sherwood foresters, and im scared out of my mind. I dont even know if i will pass the inital fitness assesment in the first week and ive already got sandy the pti to hide from. Ive just started smoking again because of a mixture of nerves and having to get a job at maccies, and my fitness is suffering dreadfully from both the smoking and the job at maccies causing me not to have the hours or energy to do more than a max of 2 runs a week.
But thanks for your interest!
Sounds like the job is stressing you out big time. its only 3 weeks til you start. Will you have to work all the way til then?
I havent decided the exact date to quit, am thinking of the 20th, so that i have one week to try and make something of my fitness...
Fellas what's going on with all the flapping over Fitness,i'm presuming you are all young men as you seem to be all waiting to start Depot ! For a start if you can only do 1 pull up and struggle doing so then i'm afraid you need to take yourself off into a corner and have a long word with yourself,also you should be doing your mile and a half at most in about 9:30.If you've prepared properly then you should have nothing to worry about and be able to produce the good's on the day ! Don't mean to be harsh but it sound's to me that too many people these day's are trying to wing it and are hoping that on the day the PTI will have a soft and gentle nature and turn a blind eye when you come crawling across the finish line at 12 mins pulling your best Cum Face.If you do manage to get to Bn that's when the real fun start's,15 to 20 mile incersion Tab's carrying full Kit,lovely stuff...
If it is any consolation, a mate of mine recently passed out at catterick and his fitness isnt that good

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