Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Two_Domes, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Ladies/Gents,

    Quick one about RCP and RLT quals.
    Is it necessary to do the RCP before the RLT if you've already got climbing experience?

    Or is it better to find out how its done 'properly' first rather than rely on what I've been doing for years and potentially screw up the RLT?
    In fact, what stuff is covered on the RCP, is it just the usual tying in and belaying/anchor construction or is it more?

  2. No, if you are of a decent standard, you can shoot right on to the RLT. You have to make the case though, and having a logbook always helps.

    RCp covers the basics like putting on a harness, tieing in, belaying. lowering etc.

    RLT invovles all of that, setting up top ropes, bottom ropes, releaseable abseils etc, so needs a decent standard of ropemanship.
  3. No not at all, just take your log book along. nearly all of my cse had absolutely no climbing experience at all, just took them bit longer to get a grip of it,