RCO Courses on hold

Morning all,

Email dropped into my inbox a few days ago from our Small Arms Training Team stating that all our Range Conducting Officer courses are on hold following an "incident" - specifically:
a recent TA incident which highlighted deficiencies in the training systems for RCOs, D Inf for the Army, and Force Protection Trg (FPTrg) for range safety and training safety matters at 2 Gp has directed that all TA and Cadet Force RCO training is to cease with immediate effect.
Has anybody outside the Air Cadets Organisation (from where I originate) had a similar cancellation - and can anybody shed light on the incident in question - just to satisfy curiousity as the headshed aren't blabbing!


As far as im aware the only thing thats happening is courses are being stopped for CRQsmallbore! not sure of CRQ fullbore, as the courses need to be rewritten for new quals
but i believe if qualification is held it remains current, and ranges can be booked and used.
I believe this to be true as im running ranges in jan and havent heard anything!

could be wrong though!

Correct - existing qualifications remain current until requal... what happens then is anybody's guess. Not sure whether the stoppage is smallbore only, fullbore only or both...

New courses will be:

Part 1 smallbore and fullbore upto 25m Barrack Range. (No Danger Area (NDA) Ranges)

Part 2 fullbore for ranges over 25m.

Individuals who currently hold CRCQ (FB) will automatically become "Long Range" qualified.

Anyone who is CRCQ (SB) qualified and wants to progress will have to start with the Part 1 course.

CRCQ (SB) qualified people will still be allowed to run indoor ranges with smallbore weapons and air rifle ranges.
Thats what I heard as well PISCATOR. Also I heard that CTTs will no longer be able to sign off Range quals. They will still run the courses but they will have to be overseen by a representative from Small Arms School Corps.
Just back off KGVI and heard an update about Range Quals. Seems that indeed SASC will be running the two new type ones described. Those with CRCQSB & CRCQFB will, to quote Senior Instructor "inherit rights to continue to run ranges" those wanting to do courses will have to go down the new route.
Speaking with SASC chap on DCCT course, he told me range courses should be restarting about April time the differance being the courses will be taught by SASC Officers which would mean fewer courses available and at less locations, so those wishing to get qualified will have to travel. The reason for the change is due to the ACF now being governed by PAM 21 so PAM 21 will be the bible for shooting along with the red book, the hold up is working out a way to incorporate cadet forces into it!

But our range work has always been governed by Pam 21?
I know i thought that also but was told is only applicable to ranges. cadets will come in line with it hench differant types of RCO courses

OK - to set the record straight on range couses and qualifications:

1. All current range courses have been suspended.

2. All cadet range qualification courses will now be taught by a SASC commissioned officer.

3. CRQC SB and FB will be replaced by Short Range and Long Range qualification.

4. Short Range (all calibres up to 25m) will take 2 w/e. Long Range (over 25m - all calibre) will take 1 w/e.

5. Existing CRCQ (SB) qual will retain 'grandfather rights' in your current weapon and range limitations.

6. Your current CRCQ (SB) will not allow you to apply for the new Long Range course - you will have to do Short Range Cse before Long Range.

7. ARD remains the same.

Hope this helps.
I currently hold CRCQ(FB) which I obtained as a SSI and the TA qualification SA(B)90, so I dont think It will affect me and running ranges for my Det or Coy!

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