RCN officer spied for Russia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DavidBOC, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Sub-Lt Jeffrey Delisle RCN has entered a guilty plea in a Halifax court to charges of selling classified information to Russia. The intelligence was on computer system named Stone Goat which is shared by US, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. He stole the information with a thumb drive.

    Navy spy sold secrets to Russia for $3K a month - Nova Scotia - CBC News

    There are reports that Canadian officials have met with the High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Australia which makes me wonder if the damage to Australian interests was worse than that to the other nations.
    Australia, Canada discussed navy spy case - World - CBC News

    It does not sound good.

    edit: I tried to correct the typo in the thread title and found one cannot change title. If a mod could make that "spied" I would appreciate it.
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    Going by your thread title I thought you were using a classified code too !! :)
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    Wish / command and so forth.
  4. Moving location now but
  5. About three years ago there was a piece in the UK press about MI5 and its threat evaluations. It placed Al-Qaeda at the top (naturally), and the SVR a close second.

    These ***** are still active.
  6. Thant you kind sir!
  7. I don't know. I welcome any story that makes the Canadicans anything other than mind-blowingly dull.
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  8. So a bankrupt divorcee who signs an agreement upon his separation from his wife for sole liability of debts incurred during the relationship is then granted a Commission and given access to state secrets?

    That sounds pretty odd to me. If I had to guess, I would guess his activities were known and had been known for a while.

    Also, suddenly enters a guilty plea? Helps prevent the evidence being tested in open court for prying eyes. I wonder what inducement he was offered in exchange for a guilty plea?

    I'll get my tin foil hat.
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  9. More detail here. Given that his age is 41 and he is a Sub-Lt I would presume he is a former rating (unless promotion is very slow in the Royal Canadian Navy)
    Naval officer volunteered to sell military info to Russians | The Chronicle Herald


    Navy spy Jeffrey Delisle pleads guilty to all charges - The Globe and Mail

    The case was heard before the Hon. Patrick Curran, Chief Judge of the Nova Scotia Courts. He is a man in his 60's and a decent, sensible man. I would expect appropriate sentencing from him.
  10. Yes he went in as a reserve rating, then turned regular, did an in-service degree, and was then awarded a Commission.

    During all of this, he filed for bankruptcy, divorced, and signed a contract awarding him liability for masses of debts, and seemingly nobody noticed? I find that very difficult to believe.
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  11. Well the RN has form for S/Lts promoted from the lower decks spying for the Sovs - or does nobody remember S/Lt Bingham? In his case his missus actually made the approach to the Sovs in order to help clear their debts.

    And 'Stone Goat'? Suggests fact checkers are unkown north of the 49th parallel.
  12. Not to be critical of my friends and neighbors in the True North but sounds like a bit of a vetting lapse. Perhaps he had a high level clearance as a rating and it was not reviewed after the messy divorce/bankruptcy etc.

    I am not a computer geek but s the method of data theft seems similar to Bradley Manning one wonders if US, Canada et al. should consider not putting computers with USB ports and floppy drives on secure networks.

    As to sentencing, Pat Curran is a good sensible guy but I suspect the Crown may have cut a deal with Delisle for something less than a life sentence. I do find myself hoping he will end up with "Mom" Boucher or one of his fellow Angels as a cellmate.
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    I liked the original title better. "RCN chap has an episode then says he is sorry"

    So, the RCN chap with the French sounding name had access to Trinity? A quaintly named 'fusion' resource. Which roughly translated equates to the Canadians saying "Lets all be friends", the Septics contributing a Fox News feed and the Brits ignoring it completely unless we have some clapped out old subs to flog.

    This diamond feed includes the Canadian Chief of Defence's office phone number.

    And Monsieur Croissant strolls into the Russian Embassy and says "Would you like to buy some secrets Ivan? I have details of fishing quotas off of Grand Banks and my old Nan once saw the face of Jesus in a slice of bacon". Has anybody woken up President Obama with the news?

    How will I sleep tonight?
  14. I think the real shock in this that he got Stone Ghost working in the first place. Can he pop round when he's done his time and get mine working please?!
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