RCMT transferring to RAMC Queries

if anyone can answer a few questions for me would be really appreciated.

1) If i transfer to RAMC as a class 2 bod what are the promtion aspects like and how long am i looking at before doing class 1? would i just start at the bottom of the pile with all the nigs or is there a fast track in place for infantiers?

2) Also can class 2 medics apply for trawls going for op tours?

3) what do the RAMC actually do on a daily basis except from tents?

any info would be much appreciated
Mate I am also a TFI into the RAMC PM me exactly what you want to know and I will fill you in. I spent almost 9th with a Jock btn done JNCO cadre COP and all the other pish that goes with it. I transferred in 05 best move I have ever done! Got it's good and bad point same as everything pm me with your time in rank quals and mist importantly med grade and I will tell you what you need to do at each step of the process and what pitfalls to look out for. Speak soon mucker all the best.

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