RCMT liability transfer to RAMC - Good or Bad??

Is it a good or bad call to transfer the RCMT liability to the RAMC

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Having heard about this recently - what do ARSSERS think??


In 30 years the Corps couldn't sort out the CMT/ Paramedic/ ECP issue, so I doubt they can grab the "Bull by the horns" with this hot potato!

If it can be done on a zero budget then someone might be interested.


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I met a Norwegian Army medic on in a hotel on Remembrance Sunday, RV'ing with various people before getting on Parade. Had a chat with her because her boyfriend was p1ssed and insisted on buying us Champagne. Anyhow she qualified as a Paramedic in the Norge Army and is now a reservist so if they can do it and the Germans can do it why can't we?


Because the CMT CEG never had anyone who could ask the right questions, put a plan in place and see it through. Same as when the pay bands were being negotiated- lower band anyone?

Its in the "To hard" box now, and the funding will never be avaliable in todays climate.

The Navy are trying but Clinical Governance and lack of a PIN number will always be a problem.
After speaking with an old friend today, he informed me that this was already happening and will be a good thing for the Corps. However I don't feel it will ever be of particular benefit except to those who need to fudge numbers!! Manning liability...funding...future structures etc etc

Just to clarify - this is not about SRP............it's about the Corps getting the RCMT (DRCA/DINF Medic) liability to fill.

Also - high/low pay band..............now irrelevant as the Inf/RAC are on the same band as the RAMC at Cpl/Sgt/SSgt and WO (with the exception of AFV (CR2) Commanders who are unlikely to be an RCMT.


Also - high/low pay band..............now irrelevant as the Inf/RAC are on the same band as the RAMC at Cpl/Sgt/SSgt and WO (with the exception of AFV (CR2) Commanders who are unlikely to be an RCMT.
I used the example of band band to demonstrate how the CMT has been seen off in the past. i.e. No one to fight their corner. I am sure things have changed and the rose coloured glasses are here somewhere!


Not that it will concern me, but time will tell.

We lived in hope for 20 odd years and ended up with a trade you couldn't carry a first aid bag legally.
I havn't met many (if any) worthless ex-CMTs' though................bar none, they are all in employment and remain an example of what the cadre gave them (outside of a civilian qualification). I also remain proud to call them my friends.

Ventress - not what you meant and I know that, just making a point about some good people.


Pretty sure I didnt use the word "worthless"- CMT as a trade is worthless in Civ Div and will remain to be so unless the major stumbling blocks of lack of direction and a PIN number are overcome.

The death of the TA CMT has shown what rocky road the trade is going down- they will end up as HCA's!

I know a plethora of ex- CMT/MA's doing very nicely in civilian life- but 9 times out of 10; not with the qualification their trade should have given them.
As a RCMT, can anyone on here tell me why this is happening in the 1st place. Reading all others on here it sounds like you need bodies to fill the gaps in your own units........

How bad is the manpower in the RMC at the moment if you have to poach off the rest of the army
Just that the rumour going here that if you dont take the transfer you wone be allowed to carry on as an RCMT, plus, what about the job positions like med sgt's in infantry units that are filled by seniors from that unit.....will they be offered the same choice or made to do it
There will be a transition but at the end of that period all those RCMTs that have not re-badged will either do so or, go back to the Rifle Coy or Sqn. The offer to transfer is made against five jobs (PIDs) of which one (in an infantry RAP) is a Sgt. RAC units do not have Sgts in their RAP.
It's already started....................... :eek:) Up to five and a half years to completion but I suspect it will happen quicker....

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