RCMOs - what are they like?

Interceptor said:
Outstanding said:
Bloody good blokes if you ask me.
Well done. Are there any other appointments that you would like to mention? Do you like RSMs, Chefs, Post Orderlies?
Steady on mate. I just asked the question, mine never did me any harm and I wondered - thats all.
Outstanding said:
Steady on mate. I just asked the question, mine never did me any harm and I wondered - thats all.
Why did you ask the question and then answer it yourself without any other explanation? Seems like a pretty pointless thread if that's all you're going to do?
Are you an RCMO looking for a slap on the back?

I was talking to one of them yest in the Corps tent and HE is a fcuking good lad.
I am not one. I think that they are excellent idea and that they do a good job, obviously not much interest in saying anything else about them or the way they operate.
Are you looking for votes in the 'most random thread ever' category. Because if you are then you certainly have mine.

How can you ask if RCMOs are good blokes? Im sure its the same with every single soldier in the Army from an Inf Pte to a General.

Some will be good lads and others will be complete strokers. Same as civvy street/school/your local hobby club whatever
Then id prepare for some incoming from some of the spotters on this site for even asking that question
So the feck is an RCMO

I honestly dont have clue.............Royal Canadian Mounted Orifice
Cheers for that Guru, All I had was my SSM telling me I couldnt have any of the 5 adv trg cses I wanted as I was too valuable to the sqn/tp.........didnt believe a word he said even tho I was damn good :) :D :D
As individuals I'm sure the good bloke to chopper ratio is maintained within the RCMO community much as it is elsewhwere but:

They exist to advise Soldiers on career choices and paths but RCMOs are almost invariably RD LEs - people who have not been employed within their trade since the rank of Cpl or Sgt, so not exactly qualified. Well done RSigs!!! What a waste of time. If I want to be sneered at for choosing the supervisory path I'll pop in to see the RSM - I don't need an RCMO. They were equally useless when I was a junior soldier.

In summary - good blokes ; pointless appointment.
Disagree, given that RCMOs exist to act as a conduit for all soldiers to discuss their careers with. I accept that they may not be completely brilliant at all MCM / APC matters but nevertheless until the system brings in something better they are what we got!!

I guess that your reasons for not wanting an RCMO are that he/she is not able to answer or deal with your specific question, if thats the case, how can the system be made better (better training, previous attachment to Glasgow/more stringent selection)??
Is it right that I heard that a couple of RCMO positions are occupied by Tfc Offrs at the mo, due to the few above the promotability line on the board?
Going out on a limb here but....

RCMOs are, I believe, given training in to all of the facets of Royal Signals careers. To that end, it doesn't matter if they were ex Liney or ex Yeoman, they will be able to help you if you ask them question, and I am sure they are able to wheel out the old cliche "Good question, I don't know the answer but I will get back to you" when needed.

Their personal qualities aside (completely pointless bringing individual attitudes and the like up) they allow you a "face" to talk to about your career directly as opposed through your chain of command, they may be better suited to the task than your own chain of command, as they will also know about various extra mural activities that you can undertake.

Those that say they are all failed tradesmen, wind it in. Yes, they may have moved up the RD roster, but think about the advice and prejudice you may receive from your Trade Supervisor if you wish to go RD? Horses for courses. I think you will find, regardless of original trade, the RCMOs will give fair and balanced advice.

What is more, they also offer a sort of confident role also. You may not wish to approach your Sqn/Tp OC with regards to trade or Corps transfer. Personal emotions can run high at such times, as you may be only looking at options but neither do you wish to appear to be abandoning your Capbadge or Trade. It can seem like you are commiting treason!!!! I am not saying you can bypass your chain of command but you can gain information from a non-unit member without taking the old "mate of a mate, who once looked into joining the XXX" misinformation route.
If you've ever been to a sqn with it's head up its arse, the RCMO's visit is a blessing.

When I had my career review the other year i got to see 3 course reports and get alot of info on my promotability and career course best to follow which my unit, and then 2i/c in particular, had failed to give me, despite asking numerous times!!

They may not be experts on all aspects of our corps and all traes but they certainly do a good job of sorting out individuals career and course problems.
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