RCMOs - Are they actually in the loop?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Warhead_Event, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. I have brought up this thread out of pure disillusionment with the information provided by my current RCMO both to myself and to my peers group.

    The information provided by said RCMO was both unhelpful and inaccurate, proved when the RCMO told 3 individuals that their career was over and within 3 months they were promoted. When on the other side of the scale providing misleading information to both young gunners and JNCO's which would had no relevance to their future careers.

    Maybe I an cynical up here in the North, yes i will provide my location, I cannot understand how inaccurate an officer who has spent his main stay of his career in the same Regiment to younger soldiers attempting to progress.

    My personal experience proves that my RCMO runs his job on heresay and rumour instead of the career stucture provided by RAMCM Div and actually has done more harm than good by allowing good soldiers to leave whilst protecting weaker members of the Regiment from their old sub-units.

    I find it hard to grasp the relevance of the role they hold when the effectiveness of the regiment suffers as a whole due to the lack of motivation/morale of some soldiers, JNCO's, SNCO's because of bad advice unless you are within his old friend list.

    Maybe RCMO should be a post for outside the unit instead of inside in order to provide the concentration on the job they are currently employed in and not on providing top cover for their old friends by harming personal careers on heresay in some cases.

    More than lip service needs to be paid to this role, especially now in the current operational climate otherwise people will miss career courses and some instances of career fouling will raise its head, which is avoidable, in most cases.

    Rant out.
  2. It sounds like you need to raise this within your chain of command.

    RCMOs are generally very helpful and in the loop. They are also rarely from within the Regiment (in my experience), so your Regiment's situation sounds unusual.

    If he is conducting himself in an unprofessional manner and stitching people, ending careers earlier than they should something needs to be done.

    First point of call - your BC. Things can then be raised at COs Command Groups. Tread carefully though and ensure you have a watertight case, otherwise you will look like you are whingeing and causing trouble.
  3. I've spoken with several sigs RCMO's over the past couple of years due to MCM wrecking my chances of becoming Yeoman of Signals and each of them gave me information and advice that was misleading and wrong, their answer to most of my questions were "have you ever thought about P company?".
    I only took my current posting on what was said in my last RCMO interview and have discovered that its the complete opposite of what i was told which makes me wonder if the said RCMO actually knew what he was on about.
  4. Having worked closely with RCMOs (all LEs with a huge amount of experience) they are professional, dedicated and invaluable to offrs and SNCOs in their and their soldiers career management.

    Career courses should mainly be managed by the Bty CoC (and the individuals have to take ownership for their own careers as well).

    You must have had a bad RCMO as django_strikes said.
  5. Depends what the R SIGNALS wants its RCMO to do. It has been claimed that they are simply RD jobs for the boys, rather than a for a professional and balanced careers advice person, although in my opinion most of the Signals RCMOs are pretty good guys. I think the R SIGNALS made a good choice when they picked two ex-Yeomen to be RCMOs a couple of years ago. I reckon those guys have done more career management than any RDs, so I hope the Corps tries the same option again in the future. Best RCMO quote was to a SSgt YofS "you probably need to get some RD quals son". Reply "but Sir I've already done skillies, NBC, drill, mapric and P-Coy". "Client" research is probably important if you're going to be an RCMO!
  6. I thought this was the Gunner's forum??