Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Just got my fingers burnt by Subsonic for posting in a different thread (Sorry boss).

    My question was, have we as a Corps taken a step backwards with the 'virtual' abolition of the RCMO position? The formation of the RCMO post was a massive leap forward for our Corps and brought our soldier management into line with the rest of the Army. In my opinion, we have now taken two steps backward with the 'dumbing down' of this post.

    Is this the general view from everyone else out there or am I alone in this?

    There are arguments for and against the RCMO. However, I feel that the pros far out-weigh the cons.

  2. Don't know how the RCMO would feel at his abolition, virtual or otherwise....
  3. I've seen more of the current RCMO than I did of his predecessor. To me, that is an indication that the current RCMO is getting out to the Units to see the soldiers, which I believe is what an RCMO should be doing.

    I'm not sure I get what you mean by "dumbing down" of the RCMO post. I know RCMO's a lurker, maybe he'll take the plunge and post. :wink:
  4. I take it you mean he has been to your unit recently. The reason that you may not have seen the previous one is that he was visiting other units and yours wasn't on the diary for a req'd visit. Personally, I think the previous and current RCMOs were/are more hands on than the previous CRSM ever was. In fact rumour has it he was agoraphobic and could only make it out of Chicksands in the back of a Pantechnic to the airport for freebies, sorry sport tours of Germany and Cyprus. As long and there were no Dark-siders ther to upset him of course.
  5. It wasn't a criticism of the previous RCMO, he visited on two or three occasions that I know of and it is also quite likely that he has visited the unit whilst I have been deployed. I was simply making an observation that I've seen more of the current RCMO, over a shorter period.
  6. Maybe the new one doesn't like the smell of frying onions so spends as little time as poss at Chix!
  7. Would have though that you would have one, each stationed with the main battalion's
  8. Sorry DTC, we aren;t really organised like that; RCMO for is stands for Regional Career Management Officer, not regtl. But, apparently the Int Corps' region is the world hence we only have one of them!!!
  9. Can the RCMO be trusted though??

    Should he or she be DE, or LE?
  10. Nobody ever said we should trust the RCMO; he's the voice of the Directorate, of course he shouldn't be trusted!
  11. That's not fair...surely he's only concern is to offer sound advice to the individual? :wink:
  12. Based on current the Policy Directive from the Directorate. :roll:
  13. Subsonic, stop that or you'll be standing on the naughty step.
  14. What, scared of fighting? Surely not?

    Spot on about the darksiders tho'
  15. Doh - a bit pointless if he was giving you any other advice :roll:

    What do you want advice based on the HCR farrier's CEG? Or could you just be after advice on how to trap off successfully? we could extend the RCMO's remit - not just career advice, but advice on life, the universe and everything - make him earn his pay :lol: