RCMO paperwork till Transfer?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jimbobtheblue, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone knows how long it takes from applying for an RCMO interview to transfer till actually transferring?
  2. That depends on the trade you're transferring from, the trade you're transferring to, your RCMO and support staff actually giving a shit, andwhether you are prepared to jump through all the necessary hoops to get what you want. Be a bit more specific.
  3. Well going from a CPL Tele Mech in the Signals to OPMI Int Corp.
  4. Took me just short of three months mate !!!

    And then 72 days to come all the way back
  5. What I meant was it depends on whether the trade you're transferring from/to is OPP or under/overmanned.
  6. Recently its been from the RCMO receiving your Army Form 241, to receiving a date to start training ... providing, you are accepted and the corp will release you ... anywhere between 3 - 9 months
  7. Though you have to be transfered to the new Corps within three months (according to the Manning Roadshows)
  8. Just as an aside, as Installation Tech/Telemech (if you must) isn't an OPP (Operational Pinchpoint, I believe?) and OPMI is, on completion of your trade training you get £1500 (taxable, unfortunately).

    Not much, but better in your pocket than theirs!