RCMO-MCM glove puppet or a good thing??

i recently had an RCMO interview by which he discussed my many options for the remainder of a fulfilled career. he then stated that to get that little bit extra i should go on a couple of mil courses. So the 7 i had already not enough then???

then the fact that i needed to serve with a major unit to widen my profile further, so 1 div, 7 sigs and 16 sigs not enough then???

and then to the fact that i need to complete my CLM, having only done that 2 years ago!!!

my main concern is that they get their information on all of us from MCM Div, so what does that tell us about how much they look after our careers.

i really hope i am wrong otherwise we are all in the sheisse.
And did you make every effort to correct him?

Have you checked your documentation to ensure that all your qualifications and postings are correct?

Did you check to ensure that he had the correct Mercury in front of him (Mercury 30 and not Mercury 45)?

RCMOs are worth their weight in gold but they are only as good as the information in front of them!

I will make two points:

1. If the information is wrong - and that is how it sounds to me - then you must correct it.

2. He was talking about developing you further; not what you have already done. Grab the opportunity and enrol for all the courses he identified. It is fairly certain that all of them will have been updated as the Army has changed.

have Sigs started using glove puppets in the chain of command then?
Perhaps he meant that it is difficult to have a career by rotating between 7 and 16 in Elmpt, with occasioanl trips up to 1 ADSR, broaden your experience also means taking some of the sh1t jobs back in UK/falklands/etc
Sooner or later, LOA will be lost. Moving between 7 and 16 is not going to give you a good rounded career. The RCMO is doing you a favour. You cannot blame him if he has duff gen from Glasgow. You could always challenge him to a fight though, mind you, although I don't know you, I do know your RCMO and my money would be on him ;-)
the_guru said:
Sooner or later, LOA will be lost. Moving between 7 and 16 is not going to give you a good rounded career. The RCMO is doing you a favour. You cannot blame him if he has duff gen from Glasgow. You could always challenge him to a fight though, mind you, although I don't know you, I do know your RCMO and my money would be on him ;-)
So would mine...............!!
I agree, the wise fighting money would be on your RCMO. Despite that, anyone that knows him well enough will also know that he is entirely professional, that the advice he gives you is 100% and that any problems with your profile probably lie at Glasgow; furthermore you have a responsibility to ensure it is correct. Smoojalooge's comment is the best; you probably heard shĩt on your interview that you didn't want to hear. If you are man enough, stand back, consider everything and hold yourself up to the light.

Are you great in trade, do you pass your BPFA first time, every time and do you satisfy the (basic) soldier skill requirements all the time. Once you have the basics covered go a stage further; what else do you do? Extra mural activities, AT, organising functions, moral standing etc, etc.

Speaking as an old warhorse that shoots fom the hip, if you are honest, you will probably identify your failures fairly soon.
The few times i spoke to them i found them to bne straight i might not like the answers i got but they were honest and not far off
When JPA comes in it will become a personal responsibility to maintain your own record, but before that it really is already.

So tell us MECURY have you actually done anything about this?
If his info was wrong you should have brought it up on the interview mercury. You should get a report in writing reference the interview, if you read it, all of the points mentioned in the interview should be brought out in black and white. Perhaps when you read them you will see he was coming from a different angle than you perceive him to be on.

RCMO's do seem to ruffle some feathers don't they, perhaps a good look in a non-rose tinted mirror prior to an RCMO's interview would prevent the sudden shock of some of these high flying carreers hitting the cold ground of reality.

Although they do fit in to the major unit bracket, I can also see a possible career narrowing aspect to a carreer consisting of 1, 7 and 16. Perhaps a tour with one of the other major units (excluding 3) was what he had in mind. They all have differing roles.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Perhaps you need to get some serious face-time. It isn't a crime.

OC Op Trade Sect a couple of years ago had a little mantra "vocation, location" which I thought very apt. Basically, you choose either or the other. Often you can blag a bit of luck , but occasionally you need to bite the bullet and get your arrse to somewhere less desirable. So, that might meaning packing up and leaving Bruggen after, I dunno, 5 yrs, in order to jump up the ladder.

Good luck by the way.
Funnily enough i have also had a career review recently (14yr one) i just wish i had a career chat years ago!Sometimes the truth hurts , however you are fortunate to have had one at your 7 yr point and whatever the RCMO said YOU can take on board what advice he gave you. Did you ask him any questions? as in what employment do you see me doing next? what other courses should i do ? its all about employability within the corps. i am fortunate enough to be working within a certain agency in jhq where i am able to get away on courses , both mil / civvy anyone out there who knows me will vouch that i have been very busy since last yr! if you want to waste away in elmpt bouncing between 7 and 16 then good luck pal as those units will not be there for that long!
I just want to add that, in my opinion, RCMO's are well worth it, and can sort out most problem's with a career or posting. When i had my 7yr interview, my 2ic was present, and when asked if i had seen my reports from my class one, my clm and my leadership course, i said no, because I honestly hadn't. I had asked a few times to be told that they would be found and shown to me, but they never were. However as soon as he found i hadnt seen them, he had a little word in my 2ic's ear and low and behold that day i was sat reading all my reports, and my 2ic even found a tour report that she hadn't seen! So they do help. It helps that most RCMO's are commisioned from the ranks and have alot of experience in the corps.

I took most of what he said on board and acted on as much as i could. To be honest you do need to help yourself as often as you can, and something he said i still look back on, was that you run your own career, they can only help you out.

I wholeheartedly agree with having them, and think that they do a hard job very well.
i have heard that there will be a big disturbance within the corps! PM me if you want pukka gen info !
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