RCMO Interview


How would I get an interview with my RCMO, do I ask him direct or do I have to go through my chain of command.


There is no right answer to this. Having been a RCMO I was content to be approached direct by individuals but invariably I checked back with Sqn staff to get any background before the interview. The one exception to this was if individuals asked what was to be discussed remained confidential.

Far better to be referred by your CoC so they are aware. If I was your RCMO my first question would be what has your CoC done to resolve the issue/provide the information you are after?
I dare say that you would like to see the RCMO as you're maybe not happy with the responses from your CoC..?

If you have exhausted all those options first, then I'd go to the RCMO and bang my heels in and ask for an interview.

But if that's not the case, then it's best not to pisss off your CoC, so seek help there first.

If it was the RAF you'd probably have some cuddly HR department to see to all your whims...! :D