RCDM - Military Ward yet?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViroBono, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. In the MOD Annual Report, the House of Commons Defence Committee asked a MOD mandarin about the military ward promised by the Dear Leader, and when it would happen.

    The MOD reptile stated: "Before the end of the year". He said that such a ward will have "a greater military component and military management", and, giving the lie to the Celestial Navigator's promise, said that whilst it would not be a wholly military ward, said: "...it is one in which the facilities would be militarily managed and with a much heavier concentration of our own people than has been the case in the past".

    Anyone at RCDM know whether, as we near the end of the year, this has been achieved, or will be by Dec 31?
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    [ this page has been censored, courtesy of the Defence Medical Services Directorate ..... have a nice day ]
  3. The Under Secretary of State for Defence, Derek Twigg, yesterday visited Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. During his visit he met military patients who are currently receiving treatment there, including those who have been wounded on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Defence Minister Derek Twigg finds out how Private Neil McCallion's hand was reconstructed by Plastic Surgeon Garth Titley at Selly Oak hospital
    The military managed ward at Selly Oak - S4(M)- has now reached Initial Operating Capability. Military managers have been introduced at every level of the ward and its capability will continue to be enhanced.

    Ward S4(M) consists of two six-bedded bays, with access to four additional side isolation rooms. It is part of the S4 trauma / orthopaedic ward at Selly Oak Hospital.

    Military Ward Manager and her three military deputies have been appointed to deal with all aspects of the military presence on the ward. They work closely with their civilian counterparts and the 15 military nurses and 3 military health care assistants who have been allocated to the S4 ward.

    Selly Oak Hospital is part of the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust which, in partnership with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM), provides a referral centre for Service patients who have been aero-medically evacuated back to the UK and who need specialist care. Where it is clinically appropriate to do so, military patients at Selly Oak who need trauma / orthopaedic care are grouped together on ward S4(M). Preference will be given to allocating military patients to the ward, but where there is capacity civilian patients will also be treated.

    Visiting staff and patients on the ward, Mr Twigg said:

    “During my visit I was struck by the professionalism and dedication of all staff- civilian as well as military- who work so hard to provide injured Service personnel with world class treatment and support.

    "Significant improvements have been made to the overall care and support for those injured on operations. I am convinced that they are receiving the best treatment possible, and this would not have been possible without the close support and resources of the NHS Trust.”
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  5. No reference to a military ward in a letter from Swiss Tony dated 14 December 2006 in response to a question from me about medical care.

  6. Whats the status with this?

    Did the security measures get installed?

    Is the ward active?

    Is the ward permanant?

    Yes or No?
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  8. So its a No
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