RCB Vs offer of job from police

Discussion in 'Officers' started by thefootman, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Please I'm only interested in serious responces or honest opinions. If you want to wahh this then please choose another thread.

    This is the history. I went to uni on a course i didnt like. I stuck it out because I'm not a quiter. After that I ended up doing the job I went to uni for. I did'nt like it so i applied for the police and to be an officer in the armed forces (Army) I honestly did'nt expect to get so far in the application process for either job. As it happened I went to my RCB brief and got a cat 1. Which I was so happy it was a dream come true. About 2 days after that I received news that I had after passed all my police assessments I recieved a letter saying they would offer me a job (again over the moon)

    The dilema really is that after being so far in the Army process and after getting sponsership from the RLC and a cat 1, instead of risking the main RCB board I chose the Police offer. I am now nearing the end of my police training as this all happened about six months ago, I'm still regretting not taking the main board.

    At the time I just wanted out of my old job and to be honest wanted the army officer career due to having a military family. I took the guarenteed job of joining the police and so hear I am.

    The only thing is I still dream about going to Sandhurst not just saying it but actually do dream that I'm there. So I would like honest up front opions about what would you have done in a similar situation. I'm 26 so cant really go through the T.A. option as Ive a year and a half to do on my probation for the police and I cant get the 3 weeks of for Sandhurst during this time.

    I just want to know from a lot of your experience.

    1) have I made the right decision

    2)What would you have done

    3)what is your honest opinon of risking the main board for a job guarented in the Police.

    agian I would like any honestr opinion, or views if you read this. Please no wahhs. I'm so greatfull for any feed back regardless of rank, trade or years in the job.
  2. Could you not still do your RCB mainboard whilst with the police, its only 4 days so you could take it in holiday and not even tell them if that was an issue.
    How long do you have to stay with the police? Would you still be under 29 when you finish with them and then be able to go to Sandhurst?
  3. I honestly dont think anyone can answer these questions for you! Every man is different, one mans water is another mans poison!! If you are hoping for people to answer what you have done to justify your decision you have come to the wrong place!
  4. These are a really odd set of questions. I don't know how you can expect somebody to tell you you've made the right decision or not, how could they? The same goes for the second question but as for the third one, it doesn't make sense! What are you afraid of placing at risk? You've already completed (nearly) your police training, so what's the risk of attending a main board? I don't understand what you're asking.

    I get the impression from your post that you want somebody to pat you on the back and tell you 'everything's lovely in the world and you've made the right choice son.' Life's not like that and if you feel you've made the wrong decision, do something about it. You'll get some sensible advice on here if you ask for it but I don't think you'll get any specific answers to your questions, they are too personal.
  5. Surely it depends on whether you actually pass RCB main board, why not just book it when you have some time off, go along give it your best and see if you pass, really what have you got to lose? Then if you do pass and you are offered a place at Sandhurst it's time to strap a pair on and do something scary called making a decision.
  6. everything is lovely in the world you made the right choice.
  7. Pointless question. You can't change history. You are in control of your own destiny. No point in asking what we would have done at all. We're in the military and not the police, so you can extrapolate an answer from that if you want. Look at where you are NOW, what is possible and what do YOU want from it all?

    I'll always tell someone from a military family not to join up - it shows a distinct lack of independent thought!
  8. Join the Police, but do RCB too. If you dont like the police you are only ever one months notice away from leaving. Then you can join the Army.
  9. I was in a similar position. I finished my degree, then started on its career path while I applied to be an Army Officer. I got a Cat 1, then failed Main Board. I was over the age limit to reapply, so I applied to the police and was ‘over the moon ‘ to get in. I then saw that Sandhurst had increased its age limit so I could now reattempt Main Board! There was no decision for me to make: I would never have dreamt of wasting the time, money and effort that others had spent on my training. Like my whole intake, I’d joined up for 30 years. As it turned out, I had divided loyalties in the job and so just walked away. This is very hard to explain in job interviews – especially military ones.

    The two lifestyles are completely different. Policing is a civilian job with no minimum return of service. Most officers stay for a full career because they enjoy it (It really is cool, and there’s no bullshi t factor), and most stay as lowly Police Constables. I have a vague memory that army officers average 6 years service, but you’d be promoted far higher with much better pay in that time.

    My advice, for the little it’s worth, is wait until you understand what patrolling as a member of a shift is all about. Go to Main Board but be ready to explain how you have no commitment to the Police but total commitment to them! (Best of luck with that). Also, look into joining the TA, which may help you answer the above.
  10. Pretty simple answer that one; the age limit changed and it was what I really wanted to do!
  12. Tears - the thread originator can't use that excuse.

    Thefootman - didn't realise you've recently joined TA. Do you know you can go to Sandhust up to age 34 ? And the prior training will take at least a year.
  13. Stay with the police. Then you will get to f**k members of the general public around for fun and not do any real work. Youll be able to ignore speed limits and shoot foriegners on trains. And whenever theres a real crime or anything dangerous to do you can just use health and safety as an excuse to not do anything.

    Or you could do the right thing and dedicate your life to serving your Queen and country.
  14. DOH! Got posts mixed up and caught out. Am off to sulk...
  15. I'm sorry Tears. I didn't mean to come over so harsh and unfeeling. You're reply made me realise that I really am cared about. Please forgive me...