RCB Prep

Has anyone got a 'pack' so to speak, that they've been given by their ACA(O) or a regimental recruiting officer. I've lost the one I was given, I'd like to get hold of one, preferably a digital version ie .doc or .pdf
Have you tried the RCB website:


Good idea to practice the planning exercise beforehand. This is one of the most feared parts of the board. Whatever factors you consider and however reasonable the deductions you make the DS, sat with a textbook answer to every eventuality infront of them, will still tear your argument to bits. Trick is to remain confident, remember place names, times and distances etc, and stick to your guns. Be yourself and don't be cocky - arrogance is frowned upon.
Arrsepedia, has a link called RCB, has web adresses etc. Gives a load of advice, worked for me. Bits of advice i would give (if i may) would be:
Be yourself.
You are competing against a standard, not each other. . Do not backstab members of your syndicate. one guy in my syndicate did and he got a level 4. (Uber fail)
Go there with an attidude and you will fail.
Current affairs, know all. (the current affairs bit of this site really helped me....honestly, some really good opinions.)
Dont speak unless you have something to say. especially in the discussion groups.
Finnaly, enjoy yourself. I did, and i passed my pre board last weekend (all be it with a 2.6....need more fitness.)

Hope this helps.

OOh, and there is a rather nice chippy/chinese 500 meters out of the gate and left. Number 57, lemon chicken. YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

Oh and remember...they are watching you :lol:
My advice for anyone going on RCB or TCB is not to do what I did on my TCB.

Namely, get bored at bedtime, wear suit, sneak via back door of Beeston Bks Sgts Mess with two chums, walk through mess dinner, exit via mess front door, escape into Nottingham, get plastered, walk back through main gate with Chinese grub spilling onto OTC tie, get back to billet, sleep in suit, get up in morning, have interview, leave in disgrace.

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