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RCB Main Board

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Hello All,

I recently had a RCB briefing. It was fairly tricky but I genuinely enjoyed it.

I have a date for the main board and I'm also on a standby list so hopefully I'll get it done soon. I haven't written a short essay in a couple of years and I need to do a little preparation for the essay on the main board. Does anyone know:

1) How many minutes do we have for the essay?

2) Are we told what length it should be?

3) What are typical titles for the essay?

Also, and this is completely cheeky of me to ask, but if anyone from ETS wants to cast their eye over an essay I write and tell me whats wrong with it then I'd be eternally grateful...

Ahhh "Be yourself" A phrase which is infinately annoying as you know deep down you must project something slightly different than you in any interview.

However Crusty is right, just be you. Pull back on any unfavourable qualities you may have and plough through it.

So I suppose I'm just adding to what Crusty said by saying "be yourself but use common sense".
Phase SPace,

well the first thing is to remember that the whole process is unbelievably fair... i've never heard of an employer who will pay to bring you to them... give you an initial assessment... tell you where you need to improve and then bring you in for the real assessment... i think its very impressive that the army has this system... but then i suppose the army is not just an employer its a vocation... even though i do disagree with some of the results for other guys in my group...

as for advice... besides the obvious make sure you are fit, know current affairs etc... there are a couple of non-obvious things...

get f*ucking stuck in... you have barely enough time for all the tasks so it has to be go go go from the very first second...

your behaviour in the discussions and group tasks is a balance between being a twat and over-dominating the group and being weak and saying little... it's difficult to get the balance right... if there is someone in your group who won't allow others their turn to speak (this was not a problem in my group) then you are expected to force them to stop speaking and listen to you... where i did go wrong is that i knew my plan was better than everyone else's because it achieved all the aims... but i allowed the group plan to be slightly different because i figured it was better to get a 80% correct plan done in time rather than a 100% right plan a couple of minutes late... of course this is wrong and i should have enforced my plan on the group...

in the interviews they will try to wind you up... keep your cool and explain yourself... the guy puts on an act of being a f*ucking a*rsehole... but i'm pretty sure it was just an act!!!

i was surprised how many people had problems with the aptitude test... even people who have been to university... try a couple of those online tests...

feel free to contact me if you have any other questions...
My two-pence worth, and I did RCB a bloody long time ago:

The blokes who worried every two minutes about what the DS thought of them only gave the impression that they were DS watching and only playing the game.

The blokes who got stuck in, gave their all to every task and seemed to be enjoying the challenge were the ones who impressed the DS the most.

I later had this from the horses mouth because the CO at Westbury was a friend of the family (he declined comment on me at my RCB so as to avoid a conflict of interest) and after I passed he wrote copngratulating and spelling out that this was the biggest factor in my success there.

My only adverse comment from him was that I "hectored" people too much during the command tasks.

Good luck
BigCheese said:
I've heard a few times of a pass rate of 60%

Sounds a bit high to me, though if anyone knows I'd be interested to hear!
Sounds about right B_C, however it may fluctuate over the coming months as there are issues with placement of soon to be commissioned officers and that there is no longer a Rowallan Company so you either make the grade or not!
There is still a Rowallan Company, it is just that it has changed its name to something like the Pre-Sandhurst Development Course.
From my understanding that's something different APSED. Or so the brief I got indicated.

The pre-RMAS development course is about expanding your knowledge of wider culture it sounded a bit odd but things like meseums, galleries and battlefield trips were mentioned.

It was indicated that Rowallan was something different and on the way out. Something I assume has already happened.
Sorry APSED, but there is not. Pre Sandhurst development course is no longer in existence. Nor is Rowallan Cadre or Company. It has been decided that the Commissioning Course is getting enough OCDTS without the need for that type of course.
The Pre RMAS (PRAMS) course is very definately still in existance. As far as I am aware it's all very nice and friendly involving theatres, fine food and wine and the arts. I do believe RoCo was a tad different......


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arse-eye said:
The Pre RMAS (PRAMS) course is very definately still in existance. As far as I am aware it's all very nice and friendly involving theatres, fine food and wine and the arts. I do believe RoCo was a tad different......
One was for those with a cultural defect and the other was for those with a character defect.

Only joking.... :lol:
Dont you read the internet?

Fine officer you will make

Briefing Programme Outline
Regular Commissions Board. Day One - (normally Monday) Arrive by 1030hrs. President's Opening Address followed by a presentation - The Army, Sandhurst, RCB, RCB Briefing and general advice. Lunch
www.atra.mod.uk/rcb/briefing/progoutline.htm - 8k - Cached - More results from this site

Regular Commissions Board (RCB) - Officer Selection Centre for the British Army
... an Army Officer, however, we prepare you fully during the RCB Briefing. I encourage you to read on and discover what RCB ...
www.atra.mod.uk/rcb - 11k - Cached - More results from this site
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