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I've had a bit of conflicting info. re: fitness at RCB. I passed my pre with a Cat 1 almost three years ago, and I think the rules have changed. Apparently heaves are out, and press-ups are in? True? Is it 42 sit ups in 2 minutes and 20 press ups in a similar time, or am I just making that up?

I don't think the run has changed, has it? Just standard BFT: 1.5m squadded then further 1.5m in best time possible (<10 1/2 minutes).

Would appreciate clarification on current requirements. On RCB late June.


The requirements as of end of last year when I did it are:

44 pressups inside 2 mins
50 sit ups inside 2 mins
get to standard 10.2 on the bleep test

and then obviously do well on the assault course (couldn't tell you the exact standard they want for this, bit I believe it is to do with the number of obstacles you get round in total in the time limit)

If I remember correctly, on the individual assault course you've got three minutes to complete the eight obstacles successfully. If you have time, you go back and do as many more as possible.
If you have time, do the wall again.


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You may want to get a bit of practice on some obsticles as well - long jump, hurdles and the window are common ones to repeat while with little practice repetition can be avoided.
Yes, seem to remember on pre- some people had dramas with the long jump and the wall. Thing is: where do I practice wall jumping?
Er, just read what I wrote, then looked out of the window. Sorry, question dangerously approaching wah-state 3. Lets pretend it was a wah and I didn't just have a brainfart.

Right, I'm off to jump walls of that nice row of terraces next door. That is, when they stop filming the new Bridget Jones Film outside my sodding window... Oh the pains of living in Central London.
Guys I passed my RCB in December so I think this info is all up to date. The run on the Beep-Test is 11.2 not 10.2 as stated earlier. I am off to Sandhusrt in 2 weeks 3 days and 23 hours...not that I am counting, but seriously if you want any advice, just PM me and I'll fill you in where I can....By the way on the mess night (your last night there) you are asked to select if you want white or red wine...don't do what I did and ask if you can have a bottle of each. The mess manager had to have a quite word and tell me that I should watch what I drink. Contary to popular belief you are not checked up on in the mess, but they don't want you making an arrse of yourself. ( By the way I did get the second bottle of wine, but felt it a little on the Closing Race the following morning).
Quick query, is the bleep test done in addition to the 1.5 mile run, or do you just do the bleep test?
Don't be so soft. Just turn up and get on with the test. If you actually pass RCB and finish Sandhurst, you'll find you have a lot more to worry about than how far you have to run in order to achieve the minimum standard.

I hope this is not a sign of the standard of our future officers. Obviously not planning to join the Infantry. Well at least not a decent regiment.
gman shut up! People are coming on here and asking legitimate questions because they want a career in the Army. Telling people to get lost really isn't going to win many friends. They are asking for help from those that will hopefully one day be fellow officers, just give them a chance first.

In reply to the question at RCB you only have to do the bleep test. Just give it your best shot. 11.2 is not hard to achieve. If you haven't done it before see if you can borrow it, possibly from your old school, or a local gym maybe. It is worth testing yourself first.
Good luck with RCB
Cheers, its just that I got some conflicting info, some people have said that you do the run, others have said you do the bleep test if the weather is crap. Glad thats been cleared up.
Do you really have to pass physical tests to get through RCB these days? I remember being terribly unfit when I did it, and being really, really bad on all the PT events, but I still got my SSC pass, and here I am today!
According to the info sheet given to me by the careers adviser last thursday...

Bleep is to level 10.2 (8.1 for girlies)

Run (not done at RCB) is 2.4km in 10mins 30s immediatly after an 800m warm up in 4mins 50s under instruction (13mins for girls)

100m swim
tread water for two mins
climb out unaided at the deep-end

44 pressups in 2 mins (21 for girls)
50 situps in 2 mins

Oh, and the 500m run in the best time at Briefing

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