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Got my RCB Briefing in October (was meant to be August but they went and cancelled the course), and was wondering whether anyone had any advice regarding preparation etc. What level of fitness should I be looking for?

Also, how reasonable are the staff at the RCB Medical Centre? Two years ago I failed a medical at the Welbeck College RCB due to very mild eczema and, upon appeal, was told by a military dermatologist that I could come back in two years to try again, providing I was clear then. My medical records show no treatment since before the Welbeck medical, and I have been clear since then. The Medical Centre sent me a letter clearing me to attend and saying that they will discuss the issue at the Briefing. But, as the dermatologist only told me this rather than officially wrote it down will it be valid, bearing in mind that the Army requires a period of five years without treatment and flare-ups?
why is eczema an axclusion criteria?


just rember if given a map hold it the wrong way round instant pass


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Chuzu said:
just rember if given a map hold it the wrong way round instant pass
....... and then for good measure, talk utter sh1te for a good half hour, then you will be selected for the Signals!!
are new officers tested for drugs before sandhurst, eg at the PCB before or in the first few weeks of sandhurst?

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