RCB Brief Medical Interview - a couple of questions.

Hello all,
I have just received a letter saying that I'm cleared to attend the RCB briefing, but I have to attend a medical interview as I had a bit of ahstma as a child. The letter says to take any relevant documents. I'm hopeful that the fact that I have been cleared to attend the board in the first place means that although there are concerns, they are not sufficient to bar me straight away! Any advice on how to handle the questions they ask would be appreciated (obviously I'll be honest, but some heads up would be awesome)- I have previously served in the TA, so I'm hopeful that that will count in my favour (I havent had any ahsmatic incidents for about 13 years now, and im in my early 20's).
Am I right to be encouraged that they have decided to allow me to do the briefing at all?
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any feedback,
Your medical notes should cover this, if however you are concerned, get your doc to write a covering note for you to go in ure notes - mine did for me and im through (not for asthma i must add however). Failing that get some tests run and if you truly are clear then they can be more evidence to back you up. pm me if you have any more questions about rcb etc
Tell the truth and you shouldn't have anything to worry about (unless of course you do have anything to worry about in which case tell the truth anyway because you might as well find out now if it's a non-starter) but be aware that what you say can be very revealing. If I was interviewing you, alarm bells would be ringing that you, "...previously served in the TA." and I would start pushing you on commitment. I'm not having a go, just trying to give you an idea of what to expect. It would be worth practising your interview technique regardless.
Thank you.
Abacus - I have no concerns whatsoever on the "character" interview front, as regards commitment etc - I just didnt want to go into details in a public forum. All I was wondering was whether the fact that I had been allowed to join the TA (and complete ITD's, qualify for bounty and hence deployment) would mean that they would allow me in with a childhood ahstma history, or whether the regular army had a completely different policy to the TA, and any previous service would not help my case. I doubted this, but posted looking for clarification.
Thanks again.
^No issues Hang10 just trying to paint as bleak a picture as possible so you don't get a nasty shock on the day ;) - medical entry standard the same for TA as for all other mainstream parts of the Army including RMAS so you should be fine on the medical front.

Heard a bit of advice the other day from a recent attendee to one of my OCdts to the extent that; if you know that you are putting in maximum effort, your syndicate is doing well and you're enjoying the experience, then things are going the way you need them to. This is far less a statement of the obvious than it might appear. Do well and good fortune go with you.

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